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Colonial Home gets a Farmhouse Makeover

Guest Writer: Jenn Sollitto Jenn is the talented photographer behind Designs Hobby Photography. Visit her website here for more information. This outdated Colonial home received a beautiful “Farmhouse-style” makeover. Family owned since 1927 this Colonial home had seen some updates over the decades. The kitchen had been last updated in 1968 and the exterior was stained brown at some point, so it was definitely time for a change. The owners first inspiration was to restore the house to its original color… white. Before: After: The second inspiration was for the home to have a welcoming farmhouse look. For the outside …

Italian Wine for your Valentine
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La Dolce Vita: Italian Wine for your Valentine

This post was sponsored by the Italian Trade Agency as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Valentine’s Day is here, do you have plans yet? If you don’t, then I have a fabulously romantic and delicious way to celebrate love with a date-night-in… Do as the Italians and celebrate “La Dolce Vita.” That’s right, take your valentine on a tour of Italy through their most famous wines, and learn a bit about the land while you’re at it. Here are my steps to putting together a romantic “La …

Mosaic Tile Outlet
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Backsplash Sampling with Mosaic Tile Outlet

Who here is in the market for a new kitchen backsplash?! *Raises hand emphatically!* I personally am looking to update my space and honestly feel a bit overwhelmed by the whole process. Where do I buy tile for a backsplash? How much will it cost? And most importantly, how will I know it’ll work in the kitchen? Luckily, I’ve discovered Mosaic Tile Outlet! And with their easy-to-use sampling service and straightforward pricing, all my questions have been answered. As a first-time homeowner, upgrading the kitchen backsplash is a bit of a daunting renovation. So when I Mosaic Tile Outlet asked …

Panama City Beach
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5 Things Visitors Must Do at Panama City Beach

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Visit Panama City Beach. All opinions are 100% mine. As many of you know, I am a Houstonian. I had only been living in the city for a year when Hurricane Harvey hit. Now, I’ve lived through the Northridge Earthquake, tornados in Ohio, and Hurricane Sandy in New York, but nothing compared to the devastation I saw during Harvey. Nothing also compared to the loving community that rose to support one another as well. My friends in Florida experienced the same devastation just last year during Hurricane Michael. But …

Polar Vortex Martini & Let It Snow Shoot
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Polar Vortex Martini

As the Polar Vortex relentlessly slams most of the US with frigid temperatures, there is a collective thought running through everyone’s mind… I need a drink! And since you’re stuck indoors all day, what better time than to perfect your mixology skills? Polar Vortex Martini 2 oz. vodka 2 oz. Kahlúa 1 oz. coconut milk 1 oz.  half and half Garnish: Shredded coconut Directions: Look outside at the relentless cold. Walk despondently to your liquor cabinet. Rim a martini glass with shredded coconut as you dream of a warm tropical island. Pour all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker, shake, and pour …

Hickory Smoked Chocolate Toffee Bacon
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Classic Rewind: Hickory Smoked Chocolate Toffee Bacon

Game day is around the corner and you’re going to need some awesome treats to serve your guests. That’s why today, we’re revisiting one of our most popular game day recipes, Hickory Smoked Chocolate Toffee Bacon. Oh yeah, baby! Get all the rewind details below… Before we get to the recipe’s nitty gritty, I need to lay something out on the line. I love throwing Big Game Day parties and I am quite the awesome hostess at them. Why? Because I am not a fan of football. I know, burn me at the goal post! My game day hosting fabulousness …

American Gothic Formal Dining - Bethany Melvin Photography
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American Gothic: Formal Dining’s Hottest Trend

Guest Writer: Bethany Melvin The ridiculously talented photographer behind Bethany Melvin Photography gives us insight into an up-and-coming design trend. Visit her site here! This styled shoot features all things non-traditional. Our goal was to do everything opposite of tradition. A winter wedding, a tattooed bride in a black dress, a groom without a formal suit and the unassuming beauty of unkept farm structures aren’t typically the first things you think of as a dream wedding, but there is so much beauty in the unfamiliar.  Alyssa from Walker Her Down The Aisle put the table together for this shoot. We …

Creative Uses for Your Basement - Home & Design: Creative Uses For Your Basement
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Home & Design: Creative Uses For Your Basement

Photo by Vecislavas Popa from Pexels. This post was written by a contributing writer and features sponsored links. If you’re lucky enough to have a house with a basement, then you may be wondering what exactly to use it for. Until now, it could have been used as that room where everything just gets stored, which is fine, but after a while that starts to become like a bit of a waste of a perfectly good room and just another excuse to keep holding on to old junk that you probably no longer need, use, or want. So, in this post, we’re going …