Muzen Retro Bluetooth Speaker
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Whimsical Design Pick: Muzen Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Every now and then, a product comes around that is so delightful that it feels like the unicorn gods have smiled down on you with magical fortune. The Muzen Retro Bluetooth Speaker is that product. Not only is it ridiculously vintage chic, handcrafted in Rosewood, and comes with it’s wearable leather strap, it’s also so small that it is excruciatingly cute. Check out all the product’s specs… The Muzen Retro Bluetooth Speaker has great sound quality. Despite its size, its powerful sound and the crystal clarity of the sound stays steady all the way up to the max volume without …

pexels simon clayton 1656584 435x435 - The World's Sunniest Destinations You Must Visit Next Year
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The World’s Sunniest Destinations You Must Visit Next Year

Photo by Simon Clayton from Pexels If you long for sunshine from dawn until dusk, you’re spoiled for choice. It turns out that there are destinations worldwide where you can bask in sunlight all day long. And they’re all less expensive than you might think. A Note To Read Before Visiting A Sunny Destination Just before we get into the destinations themselves, it’s worth taking a moment to talk about some of the prep you’ll need to do before you get there.  The first is sun-damage mitigation. Many of these spots are near the equator, which means that the sun sits high in …

Green Cleaning for Back to (Home) School
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Green Cleaning for Back to (Home) School

Raise your hand if you are now a work-from-home-school-the-kid parent?! *Raising hand emphatically* Yeah, me too. Oh man, does 2020 suck! Not only do I find myself confined to the walls of my own house, I also have a 5 year old in tow who needs schooling. So besides being a full-time working parent, tea party playmate, (pretty crappy) kindergarten teacher, I also find myself as the keeper of the mess. And with the pandemic surging all around us, that last job I am taking very seriously. So to keep my countertops and conscience clean, I am loading up my …

DIY Kitchen Upgrade with Waterdrop RO Filtration System
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DIY Kitchen Upgrade with Waterdrop RO Filtration System

We are all spending an awful lot of time at home this year. If you are like me, that means you are constantly staring at all the home DIY projects you’ve been putting off. Well I have decided to start checking projects off my home improvement list… seriously, 2020 is a wash, so might as well start fixing things to make 2021 a better year. One of the projects that has been on my list since I bought my house has been upgrading the kitchen faucet and accessories. With the help of Waterdrop’s RO Filtration System, I am not only …

Strawberry Sriracha Popcorn Shrimp Tacos
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Strawberry Sriracha Popcorn Shrimp Tacos

It is a random Monday in the year of our Lord 2020. I want tacos and I want them to be the best tacos I have ever eaten. Why? Because, like I said, it’s 2020. YOLO, baby! I have Gorton’s Popcorn Shrimp in the freezers, fresh strawberries, sriracha mayo in the fridge, and a rumbling tummy. Let’s get to work… Strawberry Sriracha Popcorn Shrimp Tacos Time: 15 min; Yields: 4-6 tacos INGREDIENTS 1 box of Gorton’s Popcorn Shrimp 1 cup of shredded broccoli 1 cup of shredded carrots 1 cup of strawberries (chopped) 1/2 cup of cheese (shredded) 1/4 cup …

Organic Backyard Oasis 101
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Organic Backyard Oasis 101 with The Futon Shop

Is it just me or are you also spending an ungodly amount of time in your backyard this year? I wonder why? Okay, we all know why and to be honest, life could be way worse than just being stuck at home. So I don’t know about you, but with all this backyard one-on-one, I knew it was time to up my outdoor relaxation game. But where to start?! In walks The Futon Shop like a tall drink of backyard oasis water. With no where to go, the backyard and patio are making a major comeback. And by the look …

Citrus Ricotta Mousse
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Citrus Ricotta Mousse + S.Pellegrino Essenza

This post is sponsored by S.Pellegrino Essenza but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Anyone else missing restaurant date nights? Yeah me too! I want to keep doing my part to stop the spread, stay safe, and ease the burden on healthcare workers, but I’m itching for a fancy night out. So to break up the monotony, I’m creating a fancy night in for my family. With a decadently refreshing S.Pellegrino Essenza and a Citrus Ricotta Mousse recipe, I’m bringing a fine dining experience to my kitchen table. It’s amazing how a little TLC and planning can …

Dannon Peaches & Cream Yogurt Cake
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Peaches & Cream Yogurt Cake

This post is sponsored by Dannon but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. One of my all time favorite ingredients is yogurt. It is versatile, it has tons of benefits, and it is delicious. One way that I love to use yogurt is in my baking. Yup, it not only serves as a delectable filling, frosting, or glaze for baked goods, you can also use it as an oil substitute. So today, I am going to show you how I incorporate this fabulously adaptable ingredient in an equally fabulous cake. With the help of Dannon Whole Milk …