Post-Workout Recovery with a Green Creatine Slushie


Who here is still working on their New Year’s Resolutions?! I am! The last 7 months have certainly been a roller coaster of waning and waxing will power, but I refuse to give up on my 2024 goal of achieving a stronger body. You see, last year I gave birth to a gorgeous baby boy …

Quick Pick: Mini iPhone is the Ultimate Back-to-School Tween Gift


Photo by Karolina Kaboompics Looking for a fun and unique gift for your tween as they get ready to head back to school? Then look no further than these mini iPhone Pros. Ah, they’re just too cute! Mini iPhone Pro Mobile Buy Here: iPhone 11 Pro : iPhone 15 Pro – BUY HERE: …

Ideas For Improving Your Home & Making It A Better Place To Live


Photo by Yelena Odintsova A home is a big investment of your time and money. It’s wise to keep it looking in good shape over the years.  If you’ve been putting off home improvement projects now might be a good time to consider different ways for enhancing your property. Once you have some projects in …

How Termites Can Turn Your Dream Home into a Nightmare


Chances are high that you’re trying to do anything and everything you can to have a tidy home and beautiful living room, right? But honestly, there are some pests that you can’t expect to beat just from being clean. Have you ever found yourself enjoying a quiet evening at home only to notice a small pile of sawdust near your baseboards? 

5 Tips for Eating at Fine Dining Restaurants on a Budget

Restaurant, Travel

Photo by Jay Wennington on Unsplash Do you prefer the finer things in life, but your budget doesn’t always stretch to your champagne and caviar tastes? Even if you have very little money to spend on eating out, you can still occasionally enjoy fine dining experiences – you just need to know a few of …

Get your Greens with a Slice of Naked Green Almond Loaf

Brands, Bread, Gluten Free, Recipes

It’s a new year and with it comes new beginnings. Awaiting adventures, friends to make, and laughs to be had. And like many during this time of year, I look at it as a new beginning for health. A reset, if you will. After an insane holiday season filled with festive drinks, buttery entrees, and …

3 Amazing Ways To Maintain Your Home Without A Lot Of Time


Photo by Arno Smit on Unsplash You’ll need to maintain your home if you want it to stay livable. Beyond that, home maintenance is what helps your house stay nice and comfortable. While you’ll already know that, you mightn’t put as much time or effort into it as you should. You could even find it …

What to Know When Collecting Antique Candlesticks


Photo by Alina Skazka Collecting antiques of any kind is a very involved hobby. There are lots of factors to consider, whether it’s antique tea sets or vintage candlesticks that you’re into; you’ve got to be in the know. Today, we’re going over some of the things to expect when you’re hunting for vintage and …