Cranberry Spice Baked Brie + Free Thanksgiving Meal from Ibotta
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Cranberry Spice Baked Brie + Free Thanksgiving Dinner from Ibotta

Thanksgiving is going to look a lot different this year. To keep our loved ones and ourselves safe, most of us will not be celebrating the holiday with extended family. That’s certainly the case for myself and it is kind of a bummer. Hopefully, this is the first and only year we all have to hunker down for the season, but while we are, let’s add a bit of extra magic to the festivities. I, for one, will be going all out with a delectable Thanksgiving for my little family. With the help of Ibotta, I will be stretching out …

Delicious Meal Hack with Doorstep Meals - The Frosted Petticoat
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Delicious Meal Hack: Doorstep Meals

Special thanks to Doorstep Meals for sponsoring this content and sending me all this delicious food! This year has presented unique challenges to every single person on Earth… especially parents. At the beginning of the year, I had a thriving small business, a happy daughter in a full-time preschool, and a little bit of free time to myself. By Spring, my business had all but crashed, my daughter was home indefinitely, and free time was a relic of the past. So as I have been adjusting to the new normal, I have been seeking out simple ways to make life …

Mini Stout Pecan Pies with Karo Syrup
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Mini Stout Pecan Pies

Thank you Karo® Syrup for sponsoring this post. Celebrate sweet moments together with Karo®! Fire up the ovens, because Fall baking season is here! In my opinion, there is no better time than Autumn in the kitchen. Warm aromas fill the air, tasty treats abound, and flour and holiday spices practically cover every surface. It is a magical time of year, don’t you think?! To kick off the season, I am teaming up with my favorite pantry staples, Karo® Syrup, to bring you a downsized take on a seasonal classic… Mini Stout Pecan Pies! I absolutely love making Autumn pies. …

Witch's Apothecary Halloween Dessert Table
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Witch’s Apothecary Halloween Dessert Table

This post is sponsored by Mondelez and all opinions are my own. Given the kind of year 2020 has been, I think it is safe to say that Halloween is going to look a bit different. With traditional trick or treating pretty much cancelled, I have decided to get a bit creative with my own socially distanced celebration for my kindergartener. Instead of going house to house, we are going to be having a backyard scavenger hunt proceeded by a spooky at-home party. So join me as I team up with OREO and NutterButter to pull out all the stops …

Autumn Essentials Every Homeowner Needs
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Autumn Essentials Every Homeowner Needs!

The cool Autumn breeze not only ushers in a change in season, it also brings about a shift in home maintenance needs. From clogged gutters to mud-soaked entryways, the Fall comes with its own set of house care challenges. As a relatively new homeowner myself, I have had a bit of a trial-by-fire experience and have had to learn a lot of upkeep skills the hard way. So I am offering up some of the Autumn essentials that every homeowner needs to make the transition into the new season a breeze. Hoover’s ONEPWR Products Who doesn’t love some sexy tools …

Edwards Key Lime Pie Pops + Spiked Horchata Caramel
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Classic Rewind: Key Lime Pie Pops + Spiked Horchata Caramel

Summer is almost over, so let’s revisit my most popular seasonal recipe from last year… Key Lime Pie Pops with Spiked Horchata Caramel! Make sure to bookmark this post to save the recipe and scroll to the end of the post for an extra special giveaway! I have a confession to make, and I don’t want to be judged or receive angry fan mail. Okay, here I go… I’m sick of ice cream! That’s right, by this time in the summer, I have officially had my fill of the frozen dessert. I know, it’s blasphemy. However with the scorching heat …

Nature trails, bike tracks, and flavored almonds with Blue Diamond
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Nature trails, bike tracks, and flavored almonds!

I partnered with Blue Diamond as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Oh what a summer this has been. It goes without saying, that this has been quite an unusual year. If anything good has come from it, it has been that my family and I have been spending a lot more time enjoying nature. Bayou walks, lakeside jogs, and neighborhood bike rides have been all the rage at my home. And two essentials always come along for our adventures… a bottle of water and a can of Blue Diamond Flavored Almonds. Communing …

Muzen Retro Bluetooth Speaker
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Whimsical Design Pick: Muzen Retro Bluetooth Speaker

Every now and then, a product comes around that is so delightful that it feels like the unicorn gods have smiled down on you with magical fortune. The Muzen Retro Bluetooth Speaker is that product. Not only is it ridiculously vintage chic, handcrafted in Rosewood, and comes with it’s wearable leather strap, it’s also so small that it is excruciatingly cute. Check out all the product’s specs… The Muzen Retro Bluetooth Speaker has great sound quality. Despite its size, its powerful sound and the crystal clarity of the sound stays steady all the way up to the max volume without …