Easiest Old Fashioned Cocktail - DeKuyper Classic Liqueur
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An ‘Old Fashioned’ Father’s Day

This post is sponsored by BabbleBox.com on behalf of DeKuyper Cordials. Like everything in 2020, your Father’s Day celebration is probably going to look a bit different this year. Normally, my daughter and I would plan a day out in the city, filled with sightseeing, people watching, and restaurant hopping to celebrate my husband and the wonderful father he is. But since we can’t do any of that this year, I am opting for a creative at-home option.  In collaboration with of DeKuyper Cordials, I am setting up a fun Old Fashioned cocktail and snack bar to spoil the special …

architecture cabinets chairs contemporary 279648 435x435 - How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinets

How To Choose The Best Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets are probably the os underrated thing in your entire home. They are an integral aspect of your kitchen, yet often get overlooked in favor of appliances, tiles, and worktops. A beautiful kitchen can quickly become annoying if you don’t choose your cabinets wisely. Here’s how you should make your choice, by looking at a few key factors: Cabinet Capacity This refers to the amount of space inside the cabinets. You have to calculate how much you need based on what’s going in there. So, if you want to keep your crockery in a cabinet, it has to be …

Hawaiian Havarti BBQ Bison Burgers with Castello Cheese
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Hawaiian Havarti BBQ Bison Burgers

Thank you Castello Cheese for sponsoring this post. Enjoy this delicious recipe with your favorite Castello Cheese products today! I am calling it, 2020 is the year of fancy comfort food. With life turned upside down and cabin fever at a fever pitch (pun intended), many are spending time creating culinary, yet comforting, delights at home. I know that I certainly am. Hey, if ever there was a time to eat your feelings, that time is now.  So, join me as I hone my grilling skills and elevate my comfort food repertoire with a unique take on an American staple… …

Malt-O-Meal Crispy Treats
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Don’t Judge My Bubbles and Cereal Treats!

Thank you Malt-O-Meal for sponsoring this post. Head to the Malt-O-Meal cereal Facebook page to learn more about a chance to win one of 60 $500 gifts, personalized just for you!! On a normal day, being a mom is tough. Working, stay-at-home, single, military. Regardless of the rewards, it is a relentless and exhausting role. And as if every category of motherhood didn’t already come with its fair share of challenges, fate decided to throw a pandemic on top of it all. *Moms around the world collectively release a visceral, carnal “UGHH!!” into the wind* What gives, World?! The last …

Add WiFi Zen to Your Home - ASUS Zen WiFi Router
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Add a Little (WiFi) Zen to Your Home Aesthetic

Thank you ASUS for sponsoring this post. Home is where the heart is. And right now, it is where the whole family is, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lately the world has been working from home, schooling from home, and doing all of our entertaining from home. It amounts to an awful lot of time under one roof. But all of this in-home activity almost always harps on one central tool… the internet! I do not know about you, but my home’s internet coverage sucks! So today, I am teaming up with ASUS to show you one …

Create a Spring Haven with Spring Cleaning
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Create a Spring Haven with Spring Cleaning

This post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx. By this point in 2020, you have probably already color-coded your bookshelf, planted a fully sustainable herb garden, and checked off everything on your home improvement to-do list. Yup, we have been stuck at home an awful lot. So what is left? A deep spring cleaning, that’s what! You are already spending all your time in the house, so it might as well be a sparkly clean haven. Below I am listing my favorite spring cleaning tools of 2020 to create a spring haven. Since becoming a homeowner, I find as much joy in opening up …

Dolittle + Animal Pizza Movie Night
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Dolittle + Animal Pizza Movie Night

I think it is safe to say that we are all getting a bit stir crazy right about now. Most of the nation and world have been on lockdown for about a month and the days are starting to blur together. And if you have a little one at home, like me, then you are probably running out of entertaining ideas. That is why I am thrilled to team up with the Dolittle DVD crew to create a break in the quarantine monotony. Who is up for a Dolittle + Animal Pizza Movie Night?! Follow along below for the step-by-step …

Small Business Food Photography Social Media Management during Pandemic - GoDaddy Open We Stand
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Running a Small Business during a Pandemic

Oh what a change a month can make. Like everyone in the world, I have been watching the pandemic unfold with horror and anxiety. Besides worrying about my elderly parents and the health of my own little family, like most, I have had other unexpected challenges to contend with. We are sheltering in place, my daughter is now being homeschooled, and my small business has almost completely tanked. On top of all this, my husband is a healthcare worker and will likely be on the front lines of the pandemic in the very near future. Worries and strife abound. With …