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American Gothic: Formal Dining’s Hottest Trend

January 25, 2019
American Gothic Formal Dining - Bethany Melvin Photography

Guest Writer: Bethany Melvin The ridiculously talented photographer behind Bethany Melvin Photography gives us insight into an up-and-coming design trend. Visit her site here! This styled shoot features all things non-traditional. Our goal was to do everything opposite of tradition. A winter wedding, a tattooed bride in a black dress, a groom without a formal […]

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5 Things Every Home Needs To Have

January 24, 2019
cactus cactus plant contemporary 1005058 735x490 - 5 Things Every Home Needs To Have

Photo by Designecologist from Pexels Let’s not kid ourselves: there can be something slightly overwhelming about owning a home. It’s going to take a lot of work just to keep things in tip-top condition. But a home shouldn’t be a chore, they should also be enjoyable, relaxing, rejuvenating! And the good news is that making your home all […]

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