Yarn Baby

With the advent of Pinterest (and the endless craft tutorials that come with it), the world has seen the end of pink and blue baby showers.  And to that I say – finally!  Admit it, I’m not the only person who has cringed upon walking into a party that looks like a vomit-fueled exorcism has been performed on the color pink.  The will of Pantone compels you!  Yes, gone are the days of stereotyping your unborn child with gender-specific colors.  This is when the public service announcement kicks in… just say “No!” to gender palette discrimination, kids. I am thrilled …

Product Reviews

Petticoat Review: Leonisa Swimwear

Listen up, ladies!  With summer in full swing, it’s time for us to have a serious discussion about a topic none of us enjoys talking about.  Yup that’s right, we can no longer avoid the talk about “swimwear”!  Duh, duh, duuuuh!  Whether you are curvy or waify, shaped like an apple or pear, every girl has a legitimate reason to dread bikini season. Seriously, who came up with the bright idea that women should come out of winter hibernation and dive head first into two tiny pieces of fabric?!  Sounds like a miscalculated male conspiracy, if you ask me.  Well …


East Meets West

If you’re an avid reader of the blog, then you know my favorite weddings are multicultural affairs! There’s nothing more beautiful then two families from two different cultures coming together to celebrate each others traditions in one memorable event.  Because isn’t that what marriage is all about – the combination of two people’s lives and histories into one big stunning love fest?!  I actually had my very own worldly wedding a few years ago.  In order to mesh me and my husband’s diverse backgrounds, our happily confused fete included Arabic pop music, a Prohibition-era themed jazz band, traditional Russian line …


Modern Industrial

You and your hunny having trouble settling on a single wedding theme?  Why not combine two?!  Check out this fabulous shoot where two seemingly opposite styles collide in gorgeous fireworks.  Welcome to a wedded world where rustic industry meets simplistic modernity…   Photography:  Brian MacStay Photography Venue:  Silicon Valley Capital Club Floral Design:  Nicole Ha Hair:  Lindsay Skog of PMA Invitations:  Marizette Paperie Dress Store:  Gabrielle’s Bridal Cake:  Jen’s Cakes Rentals:  Milk Glass Vintage Rentals Men’s Attire:  Eli Thomas Linens:  Napa Valley Linens


Ten Year Itch

It’s not just engaged couples that are celebrating with stylized photo shoots… the trend is slowly seeping into all important life events.  And we love it!  To commemorate their ten year anniversary, Julie and Brian dressed to the nines and joined a fabulous group of vendors for a fairytale themed shoot.  With a whimsical setting and fabulous accessories, join this adorable couple as they recreate their favorite day…   Photography:  Our Hearts Photography Invitations:  The Paper Mint Press Dress Store:  Ferndales Bridal Salon Makeup:  Makeup by Melissa Ann Bakery:  Sugar & Spice Bakery


A Starry Night

Looking for a unique wedding theme?  How about styling your event after your favorite piece of art?  Well, that’s exactly what planner Amber from Save The Date Events did for this fabulous shoot.  Inspired by the iconic Starry Night painting by Van Gogh, here’s what Amber had to say about the affair: I wanted to show brides that they can take their love for absolutely anything — even if it’s different, edgy, or artistic — and bring it to life on their wedding day.  To demonstrate, I chose the dreamy painting Starry Night to serve as a muse.  I wanted …


Lone Star Coral

Summer is almost here!  With the advent of the season inevitably comes weddings from one of our favorite warm-weathered states… Texas!  Often accompanied by rustic settings and classic Southern details, Texan nuptials never disappoint.  Taylor and Lee’s Floresville wedding falls squarely into this Lone Star category.  With burlap and lace detail, a stunningly fresh coral palette, and an undeniably Texan setting, you wouldn’t want to miss this fabulous shin-dig…   Photography:  Studio Eleven Photography Venue:  Floresville Event Center


Engaging Train Ride

As a gal who spends her weekends rummaging through flea markets in Brooklyn, you know I’m partial to vintage themes.  So, naturally I just about died when I saw this 1940’s themed engagement shoot from England.  Set at an old railway station in Tintern, United Kingdom and dripping in antique goodness, welcome to Laura and Andrew’s engaging day at the rails…   Photography:  Charlene Morton Photography Hair:  Bride & Groom Mobile Hairdresser Makeup:  Thea McDonald Venue:  The Old Station