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Picnic Champagne Guide

Unless you are a card-carrying member of the Lonely Hearts Club, then you’re all too aware what is happening this upcoming Sunday.  It’s Cupid’s big day and we intend to help you get prepared… whether or not you’re actually prepared.  So, don’t have anything planned for your Valentine just yet?  How about an impromptu picnic?!  Get inspired by today’s dreamy couples photos of gorgeous husband and wife, Hope and Justin, during their trip to Paris.  So find an ideal setting, fill your basket with a French loaf and some cheese, and pick up one of these bubbly bottles from our Picnic …

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LG Limitless Design Contest with HGTV

  There’s one thing that has always held true with kitchen design – functionality is just as important as style.  Often the former dictates the latter, but with the ever increasingly competitive housing market, style is leveling the playing field.  Consumers are demanding more stylish appliances with the functionality of a professional grade kitchen.  To which I say, finally!  You shouldn’t have to sacrifice either category to achieve your dream home.  That’s why we are loving LG’s new line of Black Stainless Steel Appliances. Everyone and their mother’s (literally) demand that an updated kitchen feature stainless steel.  Stainless steel oven.  Stainless …

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Vanilla Infused Vodka

It’s no surprise that with the onslaught of social media obsessions would bring about the rise of social media themed parties.  This abstract concept is now permeating into a fun representation of life and style.  We couldn’t help but smile at this fun (and quite cheeky) spin on a modern birthday party inspired by a Dallas hotspot.  Photographer Misha Wynn breaks down the details: On Premise Dallas is a hidden gem in Deep Ellum. I ran into this new bar several weeks ago before the party and thought it had an awesome feel. There is a very unique combination of shades …

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Classic Manhattan Cocktail

 If you’re planning to elope, there’s two locations that are a must… Las Vegas or Manhattan!  I should know because I myself eloped with my handsome husband five years ago at City Hall in Manhattan.  We donned our finest duds, grabbed a witness off the busy streets, and said our “I dos” before heading out for a fun night on the town.  It was spontaneous and ridiculously romantic.  But most importantly, it was just what we wanted.  So if you’re not one to crave all the hoopla of a large wedding, mix up a classic Manhattan cocktail and consider today’s beautiful nuptials. …

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Terlato Wines & Camille Styles

Are you looking to spoil your girlfriends for your upcoming bachelorette weekend? Or send newlyweds a special treat to welcome them home from their honeymoon?  Then you’re going to want to pay close attention to today’s post.  Terlato Wines has teamed up with published entertaining author, Camille Styles, to create the dreamy wedding inspiration kits.   To our delight (and farm animal-like squeals), we received two of these packages.  Filled to the brim with thoughtful details, these kits take a wedding theme to the next level.  Curated by Styles, each kit highlighted a different milestone, from a summer bridal shower …

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Woodland Brandy Cocktail with Libbey Glass

    Baby it’s cold outside… so why not cozy up to the fire with loved ones and a unique cocktail in hand?!  With all the family get-togethers, secret Santas, and rendez-vous under the mistletoe, it’s a great season to show off your mixology skills.  As a frequent party hostess, I make sure that every event has a signature cocktail to go along with the night.  Not only is it a fun way to incorporate a theme, it also serves as a memorable conversation starter for your guests.  That’s why I was thrilled to team up with Libbey Glass for …

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Sara Lee & The Cranberry Cheesecake Shake

  If you’re anything like me, then you take pride in throwing an amazing party. But as joyous as the holiday season can be, it is often paired with a smidgen of stress.  From surviving the mall crowds to hours of wrapping gifts, it’s not all fun and games.  So how do you avoid being overwhelmed and transform the holiday from good to great?  My secret?  Creative shortcuts!  That’s right, I like to cut corners and cheat a bit when it comes to hosting. Today with the help of Walmart and Sara Lee, we’re going to offer you one inventive …

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Curtis Stone & the Ocean Spray Bog

The bucket list… most people’s list include things like skydiving and swimming with sharks.  Mine?  Well, mine has more food-centric goals like diving into a tub of jello and eating a full size chocolate sculpture of Marie Antoinette.  So you can imagine my squeals when I received an invite to eat lunch with Curtis Stone in a cranberry bog created by Ocean Spray in Rockafeller Center.  Not only did I get to eat a Thanksgiving themed lunch with Curtis Stone, I got to do it while wading knee deep in a cranberry bog.  This is stuff that foodie dreams are …