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Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Looking for a rather traditional way to celebration your wedding, non-traditionally? Wait, what?! Yeah, exactly! Cutie pies Amy and Michael put together a rather spectacular classic tea party for their nuptials. They spent months finding mismatched vintage china and created lace balloons for their decor. Their fare consisted of local brews and a pie bar instead of a wedding cake. With a gorgeous tent set amongst the mountains of Tennessee, they created a rather non-traditional affair out of traditional elements. So check out the festivities below and grab our inspired Strawberry Rhubarb Pie recipe while you’re at it. STRAWBERRY RHUBARB …

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Crisp Summer Kitchen Renovation

Summer design is synonymous with beachy style. And if you Google “Summer Interior Design”, you’ll get a plethora of turquoise walls, starfish decor, and linen couches. This is a tried and true coastal style, but I wanted to highlight a more simplistic, subtle way to incorporate a warm-weather feel into your interiors. The husband and wife team of Kennedy Development recently renovated this home to give it a coastal feel. So let’s walk through this crisp design and analyze what makes it coastal, shall we? When initially looking at the kitchen, it clearly has a summery ambiance but the reasons aren’t …

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Afternoon Tea Party Ideas

If you have read this blog before, then you know that I am a sucker for a good tea party. There’s something so appealing about the marriage of an elegant get-together with a decadent sweet indulgence. So yes, essentially I view a tea party as a sophisticated way to pig-out. Now you know the true reason I love tea parties so much… a highly civilized justification to be a glutton.  So you can imagine my squeals of joy when Lipton Tea approached me to put together an unique afternoon tea party using their Berry Hibiscus and Peach Mango teas. Without hesitation, I …

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Rosa Picante named Patrón Margarita of the Year

Growing up in Los Angeles amongst family and friends of Mexican heritage, Cinco de Mayo was always one of my favorite holidays of the year. The city lit up with cultural pride, amazing food, endless dancing, and, of course, margaritas. Although it’s been years since I’ve celebrated the joyous holiday in L.A., I still make a point to raise a glass (preferably a salt-rimmed one) to the occasion wherever I am. And since I have had my share of the classic, ice-blended margarita, I’m always on the lookout for innovated takes on the traditional drink to serve as my Cinco de Mayo centerpiece. …

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Cucumber Mint Moscow Mule

Moscow Mules are all the rage right now and I’m majorly digging it! Part of my excitement is that I’m not a big fan of vodka and I prefer drinking the libation in a flavorful cocktail (much to the chagrin and embarrassment of my Russian husband!). But hey, straight vodka is not for everyone. So if you’re a lightweight like me, you’re going to love today’s Cucumber Mint Moscow Mule recipe inspired by newlyweds Cally and David’s awesome wedding reception. Enjoy! CUCUMBER MINT MOSCOW MULE     INGREDIENTS 2 ounces of cucumber-infused vodka (I recommend Iceberg Vodka!) 1/2 ounce of …

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Waffle-Iron Hashbrown Sandwiches

I have a secret to admit that I am ashamed of. I am in a dinner rut. That’s right, in my family we have four dinner dishes that are constantly on repeat. Now before you get all my-cooking-is-holier-than-thou on me, don’t pretend that you’re not doing the exact same thing. I can see your downcast eyes and slightly flushed cheeks! But, hey it is an easy trap to fall into… you rush to the market without an ingredient list so you just buy the stuff you need for the three to five different meals you already have memorized. And so the …

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Mionetto Prosecco Slushie

Most people associate prosecco with milestone celebrations like a wedding or a fancy birthday dinner. But I personally like to drink the libation during more casual settings. There’s something so relaxing about popping open a bottle of the bubbly after a long day of work and sitting on a breezy patio as I sip. In particular, one of my go-to brands is Mionetto Prosecco. It’s has a lovely light fruity flavor, whereas many of the more economical proseccos tend to be more harsh and acidic to the palette. I almost always have a chilled bottle in the fridge. Since I am very familiar …

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Quick Macaron Decor

For those of you that are avid readers, then you know I have a few (lazy) hosting tricks up my sleeve. From making “professional” cakes in your home to creating the perfect sangria station, I’ve perfected the art of expert hosting deception. But hey, I’m a busy working mom, so I take pride in my party hacks. Well, today I’ve got another shortcut to make your next dessert table scream of slaved-over perfection (without the actual slaving-over!).  These gorgeously artful macarons from The Sugar Shack are fabulously wonderful if you can get your hands on them. But if not, then …