The Frosted Petticoat

Life with a dash of whimsy!
Farmhouse Renovation

Colonial Home gets a Farmhouse Makeover

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Italian Wine for your Valentine

La Dolce Vita: Italian Wine for your Valentine

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Mosaic Tile Outlet

Backsplash Sampling with Mosaic Tile Outlet

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Panama City Beach

5 Things Visitors Must Do at Panama City Beach

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Coffee | Drinks | Recipes

Coconut Cardamom Coffee

August 31, 2016
Coconut Cardamom Coffee-12652

Coffee bars are all the rage at parties these days… and to that I say “Hallelujah!”  With so many delectable combinations, why shouldn’t you have an area of your fete dedicated to the addictive drink?!  Newlyweds Paige and Joel did just that at their stunning California nuptials and it was clearly a hit.  Check out […]

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Cake | Creams | Dessert | Recipes | Sauces | Sweets

Swiss Meringue Cake with Huckleberry Drizzle

August 29, 2016
Swiss Meringue Cake with Huckleberry Drizzle-12637

Ever considered planning a whole event around a dessert?  If you answered yes, then you are clearly a very wise person (and I know that we will get along just fine!).  Today’s gorgeously styled event was fashioned after this stunningly beautiful cake.  With a Swiss Meringue Buttercream filled layer cake topped with Huckleberry Drizzle as its […]

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Cookies | Dessert | Recipes | Sweets

Lemon Drop Sugar Cookies

Lemon Drop Sugar Cookies-12871

Life is sweet when you’re in love… and for newlyweds, Janelle and Aaron that couldn’t be more true.  Celebrating their nuptials on seaside cliffs, it was filled with romance and a appropriately sweet dessert table. Get ready to sigh at the sight of these gorgeous photos and print out our inspired Lemon Drop Sugar Cookies […]

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