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Rainbow Sherbet Cheesecake

Spring is in the air and along with blooming flowers comes the season of pastels! The soft palette is unarguably associated with the quarterly months and brings with them a colorful rebirth of nature.  Let’s celebrate the season with a pastel-y Rainbow Sherbet Cheesecake recipe inspired by today’s bubbly styled shoot. Get the recipe below and follow along as photographer Linda Borrego shares her vision behind the event: I came up with the idea to do a spring styled birthday party shoot as I love spring colours and girly things. I wanted to incorporate watercolours, which are shown in the stationery …

Beet Kale Salad & Springtime Oat Smoothie-12929
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Beet Kale Salad & Springtime Oat Smoothie

Did you know it’s National Nutrition Month? Yup, March is a time to finally get around to that pesky New Years’ Resolution that’s been haunting you since January 2nd.  I personally have been slowly working on my nutrition since last autumn, when I happily welcomed my baby girl into the world. I subscribe to the “slow-but-steady” tribe, so I’ve been making little tweaks to my daily routine – cutting down portion sizes, eating more greens, and doing “baby curls” every hour (you know, when you use your baby as a dumbbell… don’t worry, she think’s it’s hilarious!).   I was …

Gloria Ferrer & the Poached Pear-12821
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Gloria Ferrer & the Poached Pear

There are a few foodie milestones that come with growing into a proper adult – eating your first mouthful of caviar without gagging, knowing the difference between chocolate truffles and actual truffles, and learning to pair a good wine with a yummy dessert.  Well, I can’t help you with the caviar reflex (not something I’ve mastered yet, myself), but I certainly can help you with the dessert-wine pairing.   I recently teamed up with Gloria Ferrer to create a sweet spring recipe to go along with their Pinot Noir.  But before we jump to the recipe, it’s a good rule of …

Spring Fruit Galette with Bob’s Red Mill-12692
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Spring Fruit Galette with Bob’s Red Mill

There is one tradition that is a must in my household come Easter and its name, my friends, is baking.  From sweet hotcakes to a rustic bundt, it’s a requirement for the holiday.  Not only is it wonderful to get spoiled with a bit of sugary decadence, it’s a wonderful bonding activity that has been passed down from generation to generation in my family.  My mom learned the art from her grandmother and made it an integral part of Easter celebrations during my childhood.  Plus I always got to lick the bowl… obviously, the best memories I have as a …

Vanilla Prosecco Cocktail-12749
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Vanilla Prosecco Cocktail

With Spring just around the corner, it can only mean one thing… baby season! So today we raise a glass to one of the greatest joys in life with our Vanilla Prosecco Cocktail, inspired by this real life shower.  Try out our recipe and follow along as hostess Emily walks us through the pretty affair: As soon as Kristin told me the awesome news that she was expecting I knew I wanted to host her baby shower. After relocating back to my hometown of Salisbury NC from Washington, D.C. The planning frenzy was underway. I quickly enlisted the help of …

Apple Pie Infused Moonshine-12609
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Apple Pie Infused Moonshine

Moonshine.  The not-so-sweet nectar of the North American backwoods.  Personally, I find it quite difficult to swallow, being more of a whisky gal myself.  But when I was sent today’s lovely Texan nuptials, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by their wonderfully creative favors.  Let’s be a little adventurous and take another stab at the strong beverage with our inspired Apple Pie Infused Moonshine recipe.  And in the meantime, check out Anna and Erick’s beautifully rustic day. APPLE PIE INFUSED MOONSHINE   INGREDIENTS 1 jug of moonshine 4 Honeycrisp apples 5 cinnamon sticks 1 tablespoon of allspice 1 tablespoon of cloves INSTRUCTIONS …

The Starbucks Cozy Collection-12586
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The Starbucks Cozy Collection

  Let’s set the scene:  It’s blistering cold outside.  Snowflakes fall as the wind rustles through the trees.  Even though it’s mid-day, the sky is shaded by a thick layer of frost-filled clouds. On a day like this, can you think of anything better than cozying up with a blanket, cookies, and a delicious cup of hot cocoa?!  I thought not!  The afternoon that I received Starbucks® Cozy Collection in the mail was just that sort of bone-chilling winters day.  And it couldn’t have been more timely… I squealed with delight upon opening the box, because clearly my day was about …

Pomegranate Cake Filling-12504
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Pomegranate Cake Filling

There are certain foods that are more than just edible.  From the sinful temptation of an apple tree to the bountiful luck of harvested wheat, they serve as timeless symbols of parables and emotions.  Today we celebrate one of these meaningful fruits, the pomegranate with a beautiful story of true love.  Follow along below as photographer Valentina Pelucca walks us through Luca and Anna’s story and file our Pomegranate Cake Filling in your recipe book for a romantic occasion… POMEGRANATE CAKE FILLING  INGREDIENTS 2 tablespoons of pomegranate seeds 1 2/3 cups of pomegranate juice 1/3 cup of raspberry jam 2 …