Curtis Stone & the Ocean Spray Bog-11672
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Curtis Stone & the Ocean Spray Bog

The bucket list… most people’s list include things like skydiving and swimming with sharks.  Mine?  Well, mine has more food-centric goals like diving into a tub of jello and eating a full size chocolate sculpture of Marie Antoinette.  So you can imagine my squeals when I received an invite to eat lunch with Curtis Stone in a cranberry bog created by Ocean Spray in Rockafeller Center.  Not only did I get to eat a Thanksgiving themed lunch with Curtis Stone, I got to do it while wading knee deep in a cranberry bog.  This is stuff that foodie dreams are …

Big Apple Cheesecake-12121
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Big Apple Cheesecake

Are you the type of person that associates food with wonderful memories?  You know, how every time you bite into a creamsicle you’re transported to the childhood summer you learned to swim?  Well, today I’m teaming up with Stella cheeses to bring you a yummy recipe that conjures up a night out, enjoying dinner and a show.  Living in Manhattan, some of my favorite memories are the nights when I catch a Broadway show with my sweetie and we indulge in a good ol’ New York dessert afterwards.   So to commemorate this happy occasion, I’ve created “The Big Apple” recipe – a Stella Fontinella and Ricotta …

Bella + Chef Jason Roberts-11076
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Bella + Chef Jason Roberts

Autumn is right around the corner and with it comes a season of new and improved products.  Fashion houses aren’t the only ones holding Fall previews, appliance companies are as well… and we couldn’t be more thrilled.  Personally, I prefer the sexiness of a streamlined toaster over the sultry strut of a supermodel any day!  That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to visit Bella Housewares’ headquarters in New York last week to see their new line of appliances and attend a cooking demo with celebrity chef Jason Roberts.   Upon entering the Bella headquarters, we were treated to cocktails and the …

Dinner with Giada & Frangelico-10547
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Dinner with Giada & Frangelico

There are magical milestones in a person’s life… falling in love, eating a croissant in Paris, having a baby, binging wantonly during the holiday season and not gaining weight.  You know, the basics every self-respecting dreamer fantasizes about.  Well, I just had one of these moment.  As if the spatula gods looked down on me with favor, I received an invitation to an exclusive dinner party hosted by Frangelico and Giada De Laurentiis.  How did I receive such an invitation, you ask?  Why do unicorns poop rainbows? I have no clue!  But like all of life’s mysterious moments, you don’t question …

Gevalia + Rosewater Whipped Cream-9774
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Gevalia + Rosewater Whipped Cream

Do you remember the sheer exhilaration that pulsed through your veins the first time your crush acknowledged your existence?  You know, that moment that he actually made eye-contact with you, gave you a half-smile, and sent your heart into cardiac arrest?  Well, I just had one of those moments… with Gevalia Coffee. For the past decade, I have been a Gevalia-phile.  From saving up to purchase the company’s coffee maker for my first apartment to forgoing shopping excursions with girlfriends so I could afford my monthly coffee subscription… I’ve been a bit obsessed.  So, you can imagine the heart-pounding elation when …


My Conversation with Ray Bradbury

Remember your teenage angst?  The hopeless brooding.  The tormented waiting.  The painfully unanswered questions like “Why doesn’t anyone understand me?!” and “Will the boy I love ever notice me?!”.  Well, there was only one thing during those years that gave me solace… Ray Bradbury.  His beautifully crafted stories whisked me away from my youthful strife.  And although they took me on fantastical trips to Mars or into bleek Sci Fi worlds of censorship, they poignantly revealed so much about my place in the real world.  So naturally, a little piece of my heart was shattered today when I found out …