Holiday Multitasking & Unique Gifts with Office Depot

Holiday Multitasking & Unique Gifts with Office Depot Pack & Ship

Office Depot and OfficeMax sponsored this post, but all opinions are my own. As a small business owner and mom to a preschooler, the holiday season is nothing short of a master class in multitasking. From finalizing client orders for the year’s end to shipping gifts to out-of-state relatives, I make a game of finding the fastest and most efficient way of getting everything checked off my list. So you can imagine my excitement to find out that my favorite business hub, Office Depot, not only carries everything I need to run my small business, they also have a pack …

Pumpkin Tombstones + Heluva Good! Dip

Pumpkin Tombstones + Heluva Good! Dip

Thank you Heluva Good! for sponsoring this post. Heluva Good! Dips are the perfect way to add flavor to any occasion. If you have not noticed already, I am a Halloween fanatic. I have been my whole life! And since I had a little one running around the last few years, I have had to tone down the scary. But now that my daughter is in preschool, she’s starting to appreciate the holiday a bit more. So it’s time to whip out the spooky! To make our upcoming Halloween party extra eery, I have created the perfect seasonal dippers to …

Crispy Red Rice Ramen Medallions

Crispy Red Rice Ramen Medallions

In my kitchen, I like to think outside of the box. Sure, I like a classic recipe like any other foodie, but I also love to experiment. In particular, I like to use ingredients in non-traditional ways. So when JSL Foods challenged me to create a unique recipe with their new line of Fortune Gluten Free Noodles, I jumped at the chance! I present to you, my Crispy Red Rice Ramen Medallions… Crispy Red Rice Ramen Medallions Time: 25 min., Yields: 6 INGREDIENTS: 1 package of Fortune Gluten Free Noodles – Shoyu Flavor Red Rice Ramen 2 cups of sharp cheddar cheese …

Honey Dew Gifts - Hand Towel

Holiday Gift Pick: Honey Dew Towels

With the coming of fall, I am officially kicking off my Holiday Gift Pick lists! Wahoo! Over the course of the next two months, I will be giving you exclusive looks at some of the best gifts for the holiday season. So let’s get started! Today, I have got one for the parents out there… the adorably cheeky hand towels by Honey Dew Gifts! If you have children, then you know that it is a battle to get your kids to wash their hands. It is an eternal struggle that has withstood the test of time. Kids just do not …

Autumn Date Cake with Clove Buttercream and a Salted Maple & Pumpkin Seed Topping with iHerb

Autumn Date Cake

Special thanks to iHerb for sponsoring this post! All recipes, photos, and opinions are my own. It is officially fall! So it is time to fire up the oven, because we have some baking to do. There is literally nothing I love more than the smell of fresh baked treats and crisp wind in the air. But, between work, my munchkin, and an overall hectic schedule, I do not always have time to get all the ingredients on my baking list. In walks iHerb like a tall glass of pumpkin spice latte. With over 30,000 natural products from 150+ countries, …

Blood Oath No. 5 Bourbon - Cask Cartel 1

3 Bourbons for your Fall Sipping

If you have been following along with me on Instagram, then you know that I have been teaming up a lot lately with Cask Cartel. The online shop is a haven for premium and rare spirits. So with the help of our lovely friends at Cask Cartel, here are three of my top whiskeys for fall sipping from my Instagram account… David Nicholson Reserve You know in old Westerns, when a rough n’ tumble sort of fella walks into a saloon and orders the strongest drink behind the bar? Well, I imagine this was it. I had the transcendental pleasure …

Blooming Tuna Potato Wedge Pie

Blooming Tuna Potato Wedge Pie

Thank you to StarKist Selects E.V.O.O. ® for sponsoring this post! It’s back to school season! With all the hectic schedules, homework, and life juggling you will be performing this season, you are going to need some delicious meal options in your parental arsenal. And if you’re feeling a bit creative, then you will definitely want to spoil your family with today’s scrumptious recipe. With the help of StarKist Selects E.V.O.O. ®, I have created the ultimate family-style dish to rival all comfort food options… the Blooming Tuna Potato Wedge Pie! It’s hard enough finding the time to whip together …

Amarey A800 vacuum

Home & Design: Amarey A800 Vacuum

This amazing robot vacuum has changed my life!!! No longer need to worry about home cleaning. The Amarey A800 vacuum cleaner is so good with 1400Pa ultra-strong suction power and only 2.7-inch super-thin design, perfect for cleaning the pet hair and removing any types of mess from carpets to hard floors. $50-OFF ON SALE NOW: Thank you to Amarey for sponsoring this post!