• Bea Alexandra says:

    Some other Fall essentials for my family are caramel dip and apples as well as hot cocoa.

  • Dana Rodriguez says:

    Great ideas. That red velvet cake looks so good!

  • Susan Smith says:

    I keep chili fixins like tomato paste, kidney beans, diced tomatoes, tomato sauce in my pantry because I love making chili in the Fall.

  • Tara Enright says:

    New to these fall recipes everything looks wonderful and delicious. I love comfort food for sure my go to is pasta I love pasta, but I don’t like any onions or tomatoes I am a very picky eater haha.

  • lisa king says:

    i always keep several cans of pumpkin,cinnamin and also items for homemade chilli

  • xjanelx78 says:

    Fall essentials I keep in my pantry are flour and sugar – I do a LOT of baking during Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas so I have to keep stocked on all my baking supplies.

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