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Quick Pick: Taco Socks for the Taco Fiend

If your like the rest of the world, then you have probably been working from home an awful lot this last year. It can be monotonous, tiring, and a bit stressful at times. But the silver lining? No business attire! That is right, I have been almost exclusively working in my pajamas this last year. Wahoo! To shake things up and add a bit of levity to the atmosphere, I have been delving into the world of funny socks. So, here is my quick pick for my favorite new “work” sock attire from Nerdy Shirts: Fitness Taco Socks!

Nerdy Socks 1 683x1024 - Quick Pick: Taco Socks for the Taco Fiend

As the socks declare, “I’m into fitness… fit’ness taco into my mouth”. If you ask me, I could not think of a better piece of clothing to go along with my new Taco Tuesday tradition. If you do not know what Taco Tuesday is, then you need to go down the hashtag rabbit hole on Instagram. It is essentially an intense commitment to eating tacos for lunch every Tuesday. Serious stuff, people! And now with my new Nerdy Shirts socks, I cement my commitment to the weekly tradition in goofy stone. God, I need to go on more nature walks.

Nerdy Socks 4 683x1024 - Quick Pick: Taco Socks for the Taco Fiend

And if you feel that the socks just do not take your commitment to tacos far enough, they also offer a shirt to match. Here’s the full description of the products from the Nerdy Shirt website:

I really like fitness…fit’ness taco in my mouth! Taco Tuesday is my favorite day of the week!! This punny and funny sock is perfect for anyone who loves (or hates!) going to the gym, but also really loves tacos! Wear these silly socks on leg day, taco tuesday and every day in between. Spice up a serious outfit with a hint of tacos peeking out of your pant leg. We offer this design on a tshirt too, so your whole outfit can match! Keep up with the Mexican flair.

Nerdy Socks 2 683x1024 - Quick Pick: Taco Socks for the Taco Fiend

There you have it, my friends. I think I have finally lost my marbles to the pandemic quarantine… but at least you know I will be enjoying delicious tacos along the way. Make sure to check out all the cheeky products offered by Nerdy Shirts here.

Special thanks to Nerdy Shirts for sponsoring this post!

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