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Quick Pick: DIY Dryer Vent Kit

Let’s face it, home ownership is a job in itself. From lawn maintenance to roof upkeep to loose door handles, you have to be a jack of all trades. One thing that is certainly a priority is dryer vent repair. Today I will discuss the importance of dryer vent maintenance and why you should turn to a product like FAMCO Dryer Vent Kit for proper house care.

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You may not realize it, but dryer vent maintenance is of utter importance to the running of a safe home. Without proper ventilation, the laundry lint can clog up the vent making for a very serious fire hazard. Also the build-up of lint can lead to a damaged dryer vent, also contributing to a safety issue. So, that’s where it is important not only to properly clean out the lint from your dryer vent a few times a year, but you will also probably need to replace the vent altogether every few years or so. That is where FAMCO Dryer Vent Kit is a fabulous tool in your home ownership arsenal.

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The FAMCO Dryer Vent Kit is an all-in-one kit for 4″ through-wall dryer ventilation. Here’s what is comes with:

  • High quality flush mount Zinc-Aluminum 4″ Wall Vent w/Damper
  • 8-1/4″ tube
  • 4″x8′ Non-flammable Aluminum Flex Foil Duct
  • All-metal 4″ clamp rings
DIY FAMCO Dryer Vent Kit 2 683x1024 - Quick Pick: DIY Dryer Vent Kit
DIY FAMCO Dryer Vent Kit 4 683x1024 - Quick Pick: DIY Dryer Vent Kit

The kit is also made in the United States and comes with a 1-year warranty against product defects and workmanship. It is easy to install and a necessary update that you should consider every few years to maintain your home properly.

Personally, I like having products like the FAMCO Dryer Vent Kit on hand before I even need it. There is nothing worse than having a home maintenance emergency (like a broken dryer vent) and then needing to scramble for the proper tools needed to fix it. Good luck!

Special thanks to FAMCO for sponsoring this post!

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