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Welcome More Natural Light To Your Home

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The weather is shifting and, as a result, we’re all seeing a lot more sun than we have in several months. Aside from making us all spend a lot more time outdoors, the additional sunlight can also help our homes feel a lot brighter, fresher, and even cleaner. However, to make sure you’re getting the best use of all that natural light, you need to make sure you’re letting it in your home, as well.

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Brighten your home exterior

If you have any aspects of the home exterior that hang over the windows, whether it be eaves or wooden shutters, then it might be time to whip out the paintbrush. Painting your eaves white can help them better reflect natural light into the home. It’s a slight boost, but it can make a big difference if, previously, they are painted with a dark brown that will instead absorb that light. You only have to paint the interior of the eaves, as well, so it won’t disrupt any exterior cohesion you have going on.

Rethink how you use your windows

Most of the natural light in the home is going to come through the windows, of course. As a result, you need to think about how you use those windows. Unless the heat and glare are overbearing in a certain part of the home, now is the time to think about taking down the heavy curtains and opting for lighter window treatments that allow a lot more of the sun to come through. Options like blackout blinds can be great for not only allowing more light in when you want it but limiting the glare when the sun is shining too directly through the windows.

Open up the side of the home

There’s a lot that can be done by maximizing the light that comes from the windows, but who says you need to limit yourself to the windows alone? It might be an investment, but installing patio doors against the exterior wall can really open up the home, making the garden more accessible. If you already have one installed, then look at a patio door replacement to see if a modern version can help introduce a lot more light to the home. It’s also great for making the place feel more spacious and open plan, as well.

How well does your home use the light?

As well as increasing the natural light that makes it inside the home, you might also want to think about what you do with that light when it gets indoors. For instance, you might want to clear away the clutter with a spring clean, as too much furniture and knick-knacks in the way blocks the light and increases shadows. On the other hand, lighter colors in your decor and the right use of mirrors will help the light better bounce around the room, making it feel much brighter.

With the tips above, your home should feel refreshed and energized, the perfect place to enjoy staying cool when the heat outside is getting a little too much.

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