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5 Ways To Expand Your Living Space

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Has your home started to feel a little on the small side? Perhaps your family is growing, or you’re suddenly in need of a home office? When you need more space, moving home isn’t always the answer. There are plenty of ways that you can expand your living space and increase the value of your property at the same time.

1 . Build a conservatory

A conservatory is a great way to expand your living space and improve the connection between your garden and your home. There are various types of conservatories that you can choose from, depending on your preferred style. One type is an ‘Edwardian gable conservatory.’ This style has a gabled end to the ridged roof; the clean line effect is useful to complement a contemporary home. Another popular style is the Mediterranean style conservatory; these are simple sunrooms built with a sloped roof joint to the back of the house.

2 . Use the cellar 

Many homes have a cellar space that they never use. Instead of wasting the space, or clogging it up with storage, why not utilize it? When you build a conservatory, you’ll usually need planning permission. However, that’s not the case with a cellar. Consider the other rooms in your home, and think about which kind of space you need. Could you use a spare bedroom for when guests visit? Or, perhaps an office or another living room?

3. Extend your kitchen

In the modern world, our kitchens are so much more than a place to cook. It’s here where we do our entertaining and socializing too. Large and luxurious kitchens are very appealing to the modern buyer, so if you’ve got the space, it’s well worth extending outwards to create a bigger kitchen. Bifold doors are one of the most popular features in a kitchen renovation. With long glass doors at the far side of your kitchen you’ll improve your view and create a stylish look. In 2020, double islands and smart storage spaces are the best ways to improve your kitchen.

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4. Utilize your loft

Loft conversions are an amazing way to expand your living space, and you can increase the value of your home by 20%. There are several different types of loft conversion; one type, for instance, is a ‘hip to gable’ conversion. This style uses a slanted end roof, which straightens inward, and creates a vertical wall. Some homeowners instead choose ‘roof light conversions.’ With a roof light conversion, you add windows and improve the flooring, as opposed to structurally changing the space. Mansard loft conversions are one of the more popular styles. These conversions involve raising the wall that you share with your neighbours.

5. Garden building

Garden buildings include both garden offices and summer houses; they are separate structures that are built in your garden space. Perhaps your family has got too big for your home, and you could use an extra room? Maybe you’ve started working from home and need a purpose-built space? In these cases, garden buildings are the ideal way to expand your home. When you build a garden building, you will increase your house value by at least 5%.

When you are planning structural renovations to your property, it’s important to choose  top-quality Residential Architects. A great architect can support you to improve your home while also making the best of your existing space.

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