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Throwing A Themed Party: Getting the Decorations Right

Photo by Ylanite Koppens from Pexels

You have decided to throw a themed party. You have your guests coming dressed as lions and zebras (jungle theme), you’ve rolled out the red carpet (Hollywood theme) and you’ve bought intergalactic paper plates and cups (space theme). While you have prepared the dress code and cutlery, it is your decorations that can really add to the atmosphere of your themed party. When you have spent so much time and effort coming up with original ideas to turn your fantasy party into a reality, why not have some balloons printed to complete the overall look. 

Having printed balloons can be really great if you have a specific theme in mind for your party. You can use them as a backdrop to set the scene of your party or even add a few friendly characters to your guest list. You can choose any colour combination and have any words or pictures printed on the balloons to create a unique design exclusive to you. You can even use them as part of a game. Use a word unscrambler, get different letters printed, place them inside the balloon, guests then have to pop balloons, and make words related to your theme. The quickest team gets a prize; it’s a lot of fun!

You may want to use the balloons to create some scenery for your party and make your theme come to life. If you have chosen a space theme you could have black balloons printed with stars or moons. For a jungle theme you could have green balloons with trees and long blades of grass. Another example could be an underwater theme, where blue balloons would be printed with bubbles and fish. Using balloons in this way helps to bring your party vision to life and your guests will wonder if they have been transported to the Amazon rainforest or stepped on board Apollo 13!

Another fun way for using balloons is to turn them into fellow guests. Should your theme be a football theme you could have photos of famous soccer stars printed onto balloons so David Beckham and Christiano Ronaldo can meet your guests at the door as they arrive. An idea that kids will love is to turn your balloons into friendly animals. Having balloons printed with animal faces such as tigers, bears, and elephants will transport your child and their friends to an exotic safari destination. 

For a more adult approach, balloons could also be used as prizes. For example, you could have gold balloons printed with a picture of an Oscar award and hand out awards at your party for Best Dressed, Best Villain, and Best Couple. For a sporty Olympics style party you can give out printed balloons as medals and hold sporting events outside. You could have balloons printed with Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Using balloons as prizes mean they can be keepsakes for your guests to take home and remember your party for days afterward. You could even print flags of the world onto balloons if you are holding a multinational/Eurovision style party.

Having balloons printed and incorporated into your party means that they no longer sit in the corner watching the party from afar. Get your balloons involved and wow your guests into escaping to a whole new world where they can party with Becks, run from tigers, and give a speech as they win their Academy Award.

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