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Could Your Home Be Stressing You Out?

Image by Sofia Iivarinen from Pixabay

It’s okay to admit it. We’re all living in a state of heightened anxiety right now. Even if we, and those closest to us, have managed to avoid coming into contact with the coronavirus, we may still be feeling its effects in less direct ways. While the world has never felt particularly safe for many of us, the pandemic has elevated our anxiety in a number of ways. Many of us have newfound money worries as we lose work and income. Lots of us are concerned about the safety of friends and family, and the world outside our doors has become much more forbidding than ever before. 

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Our homes should be a fortress. A space in which we can relax and let our stresses drift away. Yet, for many of us, our homes are actually adding to our stress. There are a number of causes of stress within the home, which can exacerbate the stress we feel outside at the moment. With that in mind, here are some ways in which you can rid your home of stressors and create a haven for relaxation and mental wellbeing…

Spring clean

It can be very difficult to stay motivated under lockdown. However, a dirt and grime accumulate around the home they can make our home feel less safe and welcoming, exacerbating our stress levels. If this continues, it can lead to chronic stress which has all kinds of unsavory health outcomes. A rigorous spring clean is a great way tro ensure that your home is free not just of the coronavirus but all kinds of other illnesses which can occur in an unclean home such as e-coli, salmonella, legionnaire’s disease and campylobacter. 

Clear away clutter

Clutter can have a seriously detrimental effect on our mental health. As we acquire more possessions, we can find it harder to find the space for them. After a while they lose their value and become clutter. This can exacerbate our stress levels and make it harder to feel comfortable and relaxed in our own homes. Of course, you don’t have to rid yourself of all your possessions. It may be worth, however, considering keeping some of your belongings in storage. You may be surprised at how much bigger, airier and more spacious your home becomes. 

Let in the light

Natural light not only makes your home look cleaner, brighter and more cheerful, it can also be a potent mood booster. So, during these sunny months especially, take down those heavy drapes and let the sunlight in. If your home doesn’t get that much light, consider adding some wall mirror decor to your living space. This can reflect light around the room as well as creating the illusion of more space. 

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Invest in some house plants

Finally, house plants can be amazing companions when your home starts to feel stressful and gloomy. They breathe in carbon dioxide, breathe out oxygen and caring for them can be very therapeutic. Not only does their presence make your home more beautiful, it helps you to feel calmer and happier. 

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