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When Kitchen Appliances Are Just Out to Get You!

Image by Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay

Back in the day, before we had what is sometimes referred to as ‘white goods’ dotted around our kitchen, life for the busy parent must have been a nightmare.  For older generations, having a big family of 6 or 8 children was perfectly normal, just imagine trying to cook and wash for so many people, with the limited appliances that were available then. 

Many Moms today worry about a few days back log of washing and ironing for a family of 4, but with so many helpful appliances available, laundry can be washed, dried, ironed and aired in a matter of hours.

As far as meals go, we now have the luxury of microwaves, halogen ovens, air fryers, and of course conventional ovens and hobs, not to mention, special equipment to make waffles, omelettes and hot toasted sandwiches. Yes there is a solution for every cooking dilemma

But what happens when things break down?    

If your cooker or hob breaks down, or develops a fault, there are so many alternatives at your disposal to keep the family fed. Whilst it is extremely inconvenient, there is a food takeaway or fast food chain in every town, and even if you normally prefer to ‘eat healthy’, when there is an emergency, nobody’s well being will be compromised by a cheeky burger once in a while. 

What about when the washing machine just won’t play nice!   This one is a real pain to deal with as it could stop working at any point in the cycle. Hands up those who have had to pry open a door and pull out soaking wet clothes, then find some old towels to mop up the deluge of water left all over the floor.  

And of course you will have left washing the football kit till the very last minute and the game is tomorrow.   But help is at hand again, usually fairly close by in your neighborhood there will be a laundry either self serve or serviced, where you can get your clothes clean fairly quickly. 

Which just leaves the fridge.  It’s hard to find a quick fix solution when the fridge hots up, will those fridge spare parts be readily available?  If it happens to be in the depth of winter and there is considerable snow on the ground, by all means, your problem is easily solved. But it will always happen in the height of summer, and really there is no quick fix solution in keeping your food fresh. 

Sadly no cold locker hire shop across the street, yes there is a gap in the market to help busy families with the broken down fridge problem!  

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