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Five Tips for When You’re Moving a House

Moving out of a house can be something you do a number of times in your life, and it’s important to do everything correctly in order for less to go wrong when the moving day comes. From who you pick to move your furniture, to the long list of things you’ll need to get done in order to make the transition from your old property to the new one as seamless as possible. Here are five tips for when you’re moving house.

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Pick The Right Moving Company

The right moving company is essential to your house move going as swiftly as possible, and hopefully without any damages to your belongings. So it’s good to pick a mover that is reputable and has a good track record of providing the best service for customers in the past. Consult the website’s testimonials and what previous customers have said but also look online elsewhere to check that the reviews you see on their website are similar or reflect the same positivity. A lot of companies will end up ignoring any bad reviews, whereas it’s good to be honest from the beginning, especially when you’re handling people’s personal property. The best rated movers can be found through various comparison websites but always go with someone who is affordable but not so cheap that you’re questing why that is.

Get All Available Hands On Deck

Help is going to be appreciated when moving because the job itself is going to take quite some doing, especially when you’ve got a house full of belongings of all shapes and sizes. Leave the bigger, bulkier items to the removal men and focus on the smaller boxes that are more manageable. If you have any friends or family members that are free on the day, then it’s certainly going to be helpful for you to utilize these individuals and to make the process go a little quicker. As a rule, it’s probably best to keep any children away from the property when you’re packing up and doing the actual move. If you do, then maybe have friends or family look after them or have one of you drive to the new property with the children to wait for the arrival of the removal van. You don’t want them running around and getting in the way.

Remember To Cancel Any Bill Providers Immediately

Bills need to be cancelled immediately, otherwise it can end up running you extra bills for time that you’ve not been in the property. Bill providers know nothing is any different unless you tell them so. Make it a priority to cancel any bill providers as soon as you’re aware of your moving out date. This can help calculate any remaining money owed specifically so that you’re not paying for any costs incurred by the new owners of the property. Start making a list of who your providers are so that you have it ready for when you need it.

Package Your Belongings Efficiently

Your furniture and belongings are important to pack very carefully, especially when it comes to your valuables. Where you can and where possible, it might be worth packing any really valuable items that you want to carry on your person, in your own car. That way, you have peace of mind that if anyone is going to damage it, then it would be you. Make sure you’re packaging everything securely, and that extra funds you spend on bubble wrap and various packaging materials is worth it to not let anything break en route. Be sure to mark up any boxes with the word fragile if you have glass or crockery that’s easily breakable and have someone observing the removal men at all times. Not that they can’t be trusted, but it’s going to help you should you need to make a claim for any damages that weren’t your fault.

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Rely On A To-Do List To Remember Everything

And remember, always live by a to-do list when it comes to moving house. You can never have enough of them to make sure you’ve got everything you need when it comes to the moving day. Write it up as soon as you are aware that you’re moving and feel free to add to it and have it in your sight so that you can refer back to it every so often.

Moving home doesn’t need to be stressful or a hassle, but it does involve a lot of work, so the most important tip is to be prepared.

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