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A (Cheap) Guide to Family Fun in Los Angeles

I am one of the rare unicorns that was actually born in Los Angeles. Yes, I was born and raised in the city of angels and will always consider it home. However, I haven’t actually lived in Los Angeles for over 15 years. Now that I have a young family of my own, I see the city in a new light and it has forced me to rediscover it. The problem is, traveling is expensive and Los Angeles is a pricey city. So that is why I have teamed up today with CheapOair to shed light on their fantastic deals and Things To Do in Los Angeles video series.

CheapOair has produced the first in the series of Things to do videos to help you plan your itinerary while you are in LA. Watch below or view on Youtube here:

Since my early-20’s I have been hopping around the country. Although I have made residences in Ohio, New York, and Texas, California holds my heart. Los Angeles is a fantastic city to keep coming back to, as both a former resident and as a tourist. But since it is such an expensive city, it is good to have a game plan. First, you will want to save as much money as you can on the flights, so visit for the best rates.

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Once you land in sunny California with a family in tow, keep in mind that public transportation isn’t an option and it will be difficult to get around the city. So you are going to need a car. This is where you want to check out again for the best deals on car rentals.

Then once you have some wheels, you need to have your travel itinerary in tow. Even someone like me who is very familiar with the city, can have trouble finding the best areas to visit. Between admission tickets or expensive parking rates, some places may not be worth visiting (I am looking at you, Kodak Theatre!). I highly recommend watching the Things To Do series by CheapOair or visiting their blog for reasonably priced and family fun recommendations.

Being a former local myself, I can personally attest to the awesome list CheapOair has put together. The series covered some of my favorite Los Angeles haunts –  The Griffith Observatory, Travel Town (where I actually took my own engagement photos 10 years ago!), and the always scrumptious drive down La Brea for Pink’s Hot Dogs and other delectable treats. If you’re running low on your food budget, you can always count on In & Out for some drive-thru yumminess.

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A few other spots I would recommend: A drive scenic drive down Pacific Coast Highway, a stroll along the Santa Monica Pier, hit the sand and surf at Zuma Beach, and have a family picnic (with drinks for mom & dad – *wink wink*) at The Malibu Café. All inexpensive and immersive Los Angeles experiences that the whole family can enjoy.

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So make sure to plan your next trip with CheapOair’s Things To Do blog and Youtube series. And of course, get the best deals by arranging all your travel plans through Now tell me, what do you and the family want to do first in the City of Angels?

Brought to you by CheapOair. All opinions are my own.

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