The Resolution Fish Swap
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The Resolution Fish Swap

We are almost two weeks into the new year and resolutions are already beginning to slip. Gym visits are down, abstaining from sweets is no longer a great idea, and overall morale is starting to decline. And the question remains… is it possible to keep a new year’s resolution?! With the help of Gorton’s Seafood, I am going to let you in on my secret to promises kept: the resolution fish swap!

The Resolution Fish Swap 7 683x1024 - The Resolution Fish Swap

The problem with most resolutions are that they are practically unobtainable. Most goals are overly strict, lofty, and unrealistic. That is why I make little resolutions to swap the bad for the good. Swap my sugary soda for a soda water. Swap my afternoon cookie with an apple. And swapping my meat-filled lunch with fish.

The Resolution Fish Swap 1 683x1024 - The Resolution Fish Swap

I love making hearty soups for lunch and lately pho has been on the top of my list. The bowls usually contain a solid amount of oil and a heaping mound of pork’s belly. So to make to make the soup fall more in line with my resolutions, I am swapping out the oil for a bit more hot water and the pork for Gorton’s Natural Catch Grilled Salmon. Sold in a set of two, the salmon is char-grilled, 100% sustainable wild-caught, and free of artificial and GMO ingredients. It is also high in protein and low in carbs, making it a healthy option for the swap. Best of all, the salmon is easily found in your local market’s frozen section and is easy to prepare. Oh and did I mention it’s absolutely delicious?!

The Resolution Fish Swap 4 683x1024 - The Resolution Fish Swap
The Resolution Fish Swap 3 683x1024 - The Resolution Fish Swap
The Resolution Fish Swap 6 683x1024 - The Resolution Fish Swap
The Resolution Fish Swap 5 683x1024 - The Resolution Fish Swap
The Resolution Fish Swap 4 683x1024 - The Resolution Fish Swap

And that is it, my friends! A simple change that can make a world of difference. Make sure to find Gorton’s Seafood at your nearest store. So what swap do you want to make for a realistic resolution goal in 2020?

Sam Temsah-Deniskin

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the whimsical life of accidental photographer, stylist, & writer, Sam. Her approachable and fun style has received critical acclaim from such media outlets as The Huffington Post, Real Simple Magazine, PopSugar, and Buzzfeed. In addition to running a successful photography & content creation business, Sam also serves as a contributing writer for and Scary Mommy.

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  1. Jerry Marquardt says:

    Because the salmon dishes look delicious as they do, I can’t wait to try it. I only hope I will be able to cook it as good as they look in the heartwarming photos.

  2. Laurie Nykaza says:

    I love fish so this looks like a recipe my family would enjoy eating. I like it with the noodles and veggies in it to

  3. Buddy Garrett says:

    Salmon is very healthy. The recipe looks delicious.

  4. Tammy Catterton says:

    I love Salmon look like a good one to try thanks for sharing

  5. Sandy Davis says:

    It sounds delicious

  6. Amber Kolb says:

    This looks delicious!! Salmon is the only kind of fish I like. I will have to make this recipe. Yum! Sharing it on my Facebook.

  7. Tara L says:

    Looks tasty. I guess depending how you want to make it which oven would be best of course. I’d love to eat with rice and green beans or asparagus.

  8. chaz smith says:

    looks Delicious,were can i get some, that yummy fish , with lovely mash potatoes, oh so yummy, were can i purchase this for my next meal.yummy.
    i would eat this hot or cold doesn’t matter because it will still taste beautiful.

  9. Nicholas Balandiat says:

    I love fresh salmon, canned salmon and frozen salmon. There is so much that you can do with it.

  10. AEKZ2 says:

    My family would love this dish!

  11. kathy pease says:

    This looks so yummy and I will have to try it out I love salmon 🙂

  12. Docia Vagnerini says:

    I love salmon and this is a wonderful recipe I want to try. Thank you 🙂

  13. monique s says:

    I love salmon. This looks like a great way to use salmon in all sorts of dishes and not have to worry about it being in season

  14. Barbara Montag says:

    I didn’t know that Gorton’s have this product.
    Will be looking for it next time I grocery shop.

  15. Audrey Stewart says:

    We have salmon at least once a week. I plan on giving this recipe a try.

  16. Carolsue says:

    I’m not a salmon fan, but this does look good!

  17. laurie says:

    sounds great cant wait to try it

  18. Marisela Zuniga says:

    This looks really good, I’ll definitely be looking for this product

  19. Julieh says:

    This looks looks so easy and delicious to make.

  20. Terri Chretien says:

    Just tried this tonight. Very tasted and love salmon.

  21. Jessica W. says:

    I love salmon and should probably try to eat more of it. This recipe looks delicious!

  22. Calvin says:

    I like this recipe, the texture and ingredients are all just right for me. I always enjoy salmon.

  23. paige chandler says:

    I love salmon and will try this. Thanks

  24. Terry Cross says:

    I haven’t tried salmon but this looks really good!

  25. latanya says:

    The texture looks really firm and not soft and mushy. I am excited to try their products.

  26. Tara Woods says:

    I use this salmon on my salads and over rice and love it. I never considered trying it in a soup. Thanks for the post.

  27. Dana Rodriguez says:

    We really love salmon. This looks so good so I want to try it!

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