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9 Ways To Save Money And Reduce Stress On Your Next Journey

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The world is a big place, but with so many different ways of getting around it, it is rapidly shrinking. But with all of the different modes of transport that there are out there, it can be a little bit overwhelming at times to know that you are taking the right form of transport and to know that you are getting the best possible deal. 

With many different factors to consider when it comes to booking your travel arrangements, you need to have your eye on all of the details. How long is the journey going to take? Will you need to make connections with other services to complete your onward journey? How comfortable will it be? Will you be traveling during a busy time, and how much personal space will you get? How does the journey that you are taking affect your carbon footprint? How much luggage can you take? What happens if there are delays on your journey? 

One of the major things that you will have to think about is the cost. This can make the difference between which mode of transport you will take. Whether you plan on taking a bus for the whole journey, or you want to know how much does a jet cost so that you can arrive on your own private plane, careful research and planning will help ensure you have the least stressful experience arranging your travel, and then actually getting to where you want to go to. 

When it comes to planning your journey, here are some tips to help you save money and have a less stressful time wherever you are planning on traveling to. 

Shop Around

Whatever you do, shop around for different tickets. There are lots of price comparison sights for things like rail fares and flights. Getting the right deal means checking out all of the competition. Allow yourself plenty of opportunities to go through all of the options. 

Avoid Cookies

When you are buying airline tickets online, you may find that you will view a deal on a website one day, and then the next time you visit the site again the prices will have risen. This is because when you visit the airline’s website in the first place, they will have logged your visit and you will have downloaded tracking cookies onto your system that the website. These cookies will be used against you to try and make you buy your tickets. By sliding up the price on repeated visits, you’ll feel compelled to book straight away to avoid further price hikes. 

The way to avoid this is by selecting the incognito or private browsing mode on your web browser. This will stop the site from using cookies. 

Book Off-peak

Traveling on-peak is both expensive and busy. By choosing to travel during off-peak times and on the days that are less popular, you can save money and enjoy a less stressful journey. 

On flights, night time and midweeks are often the options that offer the best savings. By making your journey at the less convenient times, and when people are not jetting off for the weekend or commuting for work purposes, you can often save quite a bit. 

If you are using a train, traveling off-peak outside of the morning and evening rush hours will mean that not only will you be more likely to be able to sit down and enjoy a more comfortable journey, your fares could be considerably lower. 

Drive During Quieter Times

If you are planning on making your journey by car, there are a few really good reasons why you should choose to drive during quieter times, such as during the night. For starters, the roads will be considerably quieter than during the daytime. With much less risk of congestion, you can make it to your destination far quicker. 

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Another very good reason to travel when there is much less congestion on the roads is because you will be able to enjoy far better fuel efficiency. Without the need to stop and start so much, and the ability to maintain a regular speed, you can get to where you need to go on less fuel. This also means that your carbon footprint may be lower as a result. 

Travel Light 

Many airlines will charge you for your luggage but will allow you to take a small amount of carry-on luggage. If you can get everything that you need into a small and lightweight case or bag, then you save yourself the need to pay for your suitcase. 

You’ll also be able to get straight off the plane and head off without the need to wait around for your case to appear on the baggage reclaim carousel. 

Book Rail Tickets In Advance

Trains can generally be paid for on the day of travel. However, you should avoid doing this as much as possible. If you are planning on making a long-distance train journey, the earlier you book, the better. Ticket prices can be considerably cheaper when bought days, weeks, or even months ahead of when they are needed. 

Use Reward Schemes

There are many different reward schemes out there that will allow you to take advantage of the frequency that you are traveling. If you fly lots, use air miles or frequent flyer scheme and be sure you get the best use out of it. 

Use The Right Credit Card To Book Your Ticket

Think about taking out a credit card with an airline. Often these come with incentives to people who travel lots. You may also find that credit cards from major companies such as American Express may provide savings on flight bookings. Many people often have a credit card put aside specifically for booking their travel arrangements. 

Share A Ride

If you need to grab a taxi when you arrive at the destination station or airport, it is handy if you can share with someone else who is going the same way. If you know that someone is also making a similar onward journey, split your fare and help reduce your combined carbon emissions at the same time.

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