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Create the Best Drinks at Home for More Exciting Beverages

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It’s not always easy to be interested in the things you drink. Sometimes you just have a drink because you’re thirsty and you’re not that interested in what it tastes like. Other times, you can get bored of drinking the same things again and again. Perhaps you’ve had enough of soda or you’re fed up with orange juice or coffee. But when you’re not sure what the alternatives are, you can struggle to feel inspired to make a change.

If you want your drinks to be more exciting, but without necessarily having to put in too much effort, there are lots of ways you can make better drinks at home.

Make Your Own Base Ingredients

One of the best ways to have delicious things to drink is to mix cocktails, mocktails, juices and smoothies. However, to mix great drinks, you have to start off with good ingredients. While you can buy plenty of things to mix into your drinks, you can also try making some of the basic ingredients that you want to include in your drinks. For example, it’s easy to make  simple syrup, an ingredient that is used in many cocktails. You could also try doing things like freshly-squeezed orange juice or you could make your own lemonade.

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Photo by John Hernandez on Unsplash

Have a Well-stocked Bar

In addition to having some staple things like juices and syrups that you can make at home, it also makes sense to have a well-stocked bar. If you drink alcohol, you can have a home bar that has some of the top ingredients that are most often used in cocktails. Of course, it’s also useful to have a range of mixers. They’re good both for making cocktails and mocktails and sometimes for drinking on their own, depending on what they are. If you want to make quality drinks, take your time to slowly buy quality products to stock your bar.

Have Both Alcoholic and Soft Drinks

You don’t always feel like drinking alcohol, but sometimes you do want to have some fun. If you want to be able to make the best drinks at home, be sure to give yourself plenty of options. If you feel like a soft drink, you want to be able to make yourself something delicious. You don’t want to be stuck with only one option just because you don’t feel like a glass of wine, beer or a cocktail. Don’t only save the tastiest drinks for when you want to have alcohol.

Filter Your Water

The water that you use can make a huge difference to various drinks that you make. While you can use bottled water, water from the faucet is cheaper and can taste good, as well as being healthy. Filtering your water can help to make it healthier and improve the flavor. Berkey test results show that their filters can filter out heavy metals, pesticides and other elements that you may not want in your water. A good water filter will deliver fresh and tasty water, with some being small enough to fit into your fridge.

Get a SodaStream

If you want to make water and other drinks more exciting, a SodaStream or similar gadget is a great way to do it. When you can carbonate your drinks, it makes them more exciting and adds flavor to them too. You could simply carbonate water or you could experiment with different flavors if you want to make some more interesting drinks. You can take SodaStream bottles off the machine and put a lid on them to keep them for later. You can carbonate a range of things, and even try doing it with flat soda, coffee and tea to see what results you get.

Buy a Cocktail Set

If you’re a cocktail fan, you don’t technically need to have a cocktail shaker and other tools. You could simply measure things out roughly and stir your drinks instead of shaking them. However, having proper cocktail making tools can help you up your cocktail game. Whether you like cocktails or mocktails, shaking the drink adds air to it, introducing bubbles. You can also use a cocktail jigger for accurate measurements, which helps you to ensure your drinks are tastier than ever.

Try Out Hot and Cold Drinks

For more ways to explore the drinks that you can make at home, try both hot and cold drinks. There’s a huge amount of potential in tea and coffee, and there are more hot drinks to explore too. From hot chocolate to hot cocktails, you can discover drinks that are ideal for waking you up in the morning, getting you to sleep at night or warming you up on a cold day. Of course, there are plenty of cold drinks to explore too, whether you want something healthy or not so healthy.

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Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

Experiment with Different Flavors

When you want to discover new things, being daring and allowing yourself to experiment is essential. You can make better drinks if you’re willing to try out different flavors and even different textures. You don’t have to follow any recipes if you want to find drinks that you love. You can find new flavors and mix different things to see if you can discover something wonderful. You don’t need to be an expert to try mixing flavors and invent your own drinks.

Get Brewing

If you’re interested in beverages, you might also like to consider brewing or otherwise making your own drinks. In addition to making simple drinks, you can get more involved in the process of creating drinks that you love. Brewing beer, for example, involves several stages and some interesting chemistry, and anyone can do it in their own home. You could try making other drinks too, including ginger beer, wine and various drinks that can be brewed or fermented. While you can do these things at home, you do sometimes need a little space to allow you to start the process and store your drinks until they’re ready for drinking.

Start making amazing drinks at home by experimenting and trying new things. You’ll always have something interesting to drink.

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