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5 Ways To Turn Your Bathroom Into A Relaxation Zone

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Your bathroom is the one place in your home that should be designed for relaxation purposes. After all, by the room’s very nature, it is supposed to offer you some privacy in your home, so when you want to get away from it all, this is the place that could maximize your relaxation

So, think about your bathroom. Is it your haven of peace and tranquility? Or do you feel less than relaxed when you’re spending time in this part of your home? If it’s the latter, these are just a few of the changes and additions you might want to consider. 

#1: Add more storage to your bathroom

You’re never going to relax fully when you’re soaking in the bathtub if towels have been strewn across the floor, toothbrushes have been casually tossed into the sink, and your various shampoos and beauty accessories are cluttered and unorganized.

To create more order in your bathroom, and to remove any messy distractions, you might want to add more storage space. These James Martin vanities would make a wonderful addition to any bathroom, not only for the purposes of storage but by their calming aesthetic designs too. You might also consider extra shelving for your self-care essentials and a few more hooks to look after your towels and other hangable items.

#2: Change the color scheme

The right color in your bathroom is important, as you might struggle to relax if you’re surrounded by shades that do little to soothe your tired mind. Experts suggest blue is the best color for the bathroom, as this has the calming appearance of the sky and sea, those two things that could evoke a sense of peace and serenity within you. On the other hand, warm greys, pinks, and periwinkle purples are just a few of the other options you might want to consider, as they also have calming qualities. Check out this bathroom color guide for these and other examples of colors you might want to use. 

#3: Add some calming scents

The scents you smell directly connect to the emotional part of your brain and can alter your mood state accordingly. So, within your bathroom, you might want to include those fragrances that do much to calm your mood. You might add a vase of flowers or two, bring in some scented candles, and/or choose soaps and shampoos that can give you that longer-lasting fragrance of calm throughout the day. Lavender, chamomile, coconut, and pine are just a few of the scents designed to create a relaxed state, as they are known to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. Think about them the next time you’re shopping for something to include in your bathroom.

#4: Think about light

The bright, fluorescent bulbs many of us use in our bathrooms aren’t conducive to creating a relaxing atmosphere. So, think about the bulbs in your bathroom, and consider buying something of a lower wattage, as well as something of a different color to alter the look and atmospherics of the room when you’re trying to relax.

Try to get as much natural light into the room as you can, too. You can do this by lifting the blinds, of course (assuming you have frosted glass or similar to preserve your privacy), and you can add more reflective surfaces to your room so the light can spread. So, you might paint some of your surfaces in pristine white colors to help the light bounce around the room, and you might add more glass elements too. 

Of an evening, you might decide to have no lights on at all. Instead, you could allow the gentle flicker of your scented candles to evoke those calming and serene feelings within you. 

#5: Add some soothing sounds

For the ultimate in relaxation, consider installing speakers to your ceiling to pipe in those soothing sounds that will lull you into a deep state of peace and tranquility. Alternatively, use a waterproof radio or wear some Bluetooth headphones that are connected to your Alexa device, and let the music you listen to boost your relaxation time. Check out these relaxing playlists on Spotify if you need a little bit of inspiration for your bathroom soundtracks. 

So, we hope our ideas were useful to you. By using our suggestions, you will have the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your home, and enjoy a more relaxed state in a room that is a better fit for tranquility purposes. Let us know what you think, and if you have any further suggestions, be sure to share your thoughts with us.

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