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How To Make The Most Of The Outdoors This Winter

Image by Maarit Ignatius-Kuittinen from Pixabay

Now that winter is truly upon us, it’s time to get planning for all those winter celebrations. But just because it’s colder doesn’t mean the outdoor fun has to stop, and it doesn’t mean that you have to go inside. There’s plenty of fun you can still have outside, plenty of ways to keep warm and with plenty of excuses to have a party so, there’s no reason not to carry on enjoying the fresh air and the outdoors by going for nice long walks, throwing a cozy winter party, or go away for a winter adventure weekend away. Embracing the cold weather is very good for you! 

Light a Fire Outside

The best way to keep warm outside is to light a fire, but not only will this keep you warm, but it creates a magical atmosphere for you and your family, and if you are having a party, then it’s ideal for all the guests to enjoy. You can set a winter wonderland type atmosphere with an outdoor fire in which everyone can sit around and enjoy good food, yummy drinks, and fantastic company. Investing in a fire pit is a great and easy way to do this, and you can use this for toasting marshmallows, baking potatoes, and of course, sitting around and keeping warm. 

Enjoy Comforting Hot Food And Drink

Soups, stews, or chills are ideal for eating outdoors in the winter. If you’re going for a long walk or going to stand outside to watch the rugby, then fill up some thermos and enjoy getting warmed up with some yummy food. There are some really lovely hot drinks you can enjoy during winter too, from mulled wine, hot chocolate, to hot apple cider. These are worth getting cold for. 

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Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

Wrap Up Warm 

There’s so much choice for clothes to wear in the winter, from hats, scarves, gloves, coats, pashminas, cozy blankets, wooly jumpers, fluffy socks, and boots. Again, it’s worth getting cold for just to get yourself some new winter clothes.

Enjoy Outdoor Entertainment

As well as getting cozy around the fire pit and toasting marshmallows, you could enjoy doing some other things outside as well. For a great night with friends or family, plan some active games to keep everyone warm or create an outdoor cinema. What could be better than getting all your friends and family settled by the fire with their hot drinks, blankets, and marshmallows, to sit down and watch a great winter movie? As well as a firepit, you might also want to invest in other sources of heat for added comfort; these can be really useful for parties. Whereas in the summer you’ll be making the most of your outdoor wet rated ceiling fans, in the winter you’ll want outdoor heaters for sitting outside.

Go For Long Walks

Not only is walking a really good exercise, but it is also an activity you can do just to enjoy the outdoors, to get at one with nature and to get some fresh air. If you don’t think of it as exercise, then you might be more excited about doing it. Walking is an excellent hobby, which is easy to get into, and it’s not just beneficial for your health, but for the new places, you can find and explore. Go for a walk, and you’ll discover beautiful views and stunning scenery. There are so many hidden gems, incredible hikes, and beautiful pubs that you can discover by going for long walks. Have a look for some local routes, and you’ll soon get the bug and want to get out walking whatever the weather. 

Work Out

It takes you more energy to get warm, and to stay warm than it does if you’re already warm, you will burn more calories exercising outdoors in winter. It’s quite a common weight loss tip that if you drink cold water, you will burn more calories. This same theory applies to winter weather because if you are cold, it takes more energy to get warm and to stay warm, and that burns more calories. Even if you are not trying to lose weight, exercising outdoors is really good for boosting your heart health as it encourages better blood circulation. Outdoor exercise can also lift your mood, and if you do it in short bursts, then this can promote your body to build stronger systems and muscles. It has been scientifically proven that a snap of cold weather can boost your mood, and according to a study from Environmental Science and Technology, your body responds better to exercise when you do it in outdoor environments.

Go Ice Skating

There are plenty of outdoor ice rinks that appear over the winter months, which makes it a wonderful activity to do with all the family over the winter months. Even if you’re not very good at ice skating (who is?), it is still great fun to do as a family or with friends, and it’s good exercise too. Skating works almost every muscle group in the body and is good for flexibility, improved balance, coordination, weight management, and stress management too. 

Enjoy Yourself

Even if you don’t want to go outside then, it’s good for you, so enjoy it. Get out and make the most of every different season. In the summer months people complain that it’s too hot, in winter people complain that it’s too cold, in autumn it’s too windy, and in Spring it’s too rainy, but rather than focusing on the things you don’t like about each season, embrace them for each thing they have to offer. Spending time outside is good for humans at any time of year. Try to enjoy the rain, enjoy the wind, and especially enjoy the snow. If you change your outlook on the weather, it will never get you down again. Get your brolly out, put your wellies on, splash in the puddles, and have some fun. 

Go Horse Riding

Horses still need exercise in the winter too, and they love going out for treks no matter what the weather. You can see some of the most beautiful sights going out for an early morning horse ride, and at the same time as getting some great exercise and spending time with a beautiful animal. It is believed that spending time with animals can raise levels of the mood-enhancing hormone serotonin, so horse riding is good for your body, brain, and emotions.

Rent A Cabin

Your outdoor holiday adventures don’t have to be over; you can still enjoy them, and even in a spot of luxury. Luxury camping sites and log cabins are all the rage now, and you can still enjoy all the joys of camping, but you’ll just be a little bit warmer. 

Go Skiing

If you’re not planning on going away on holiday but still want to enjoy this great winter sport, then why not try a dry ski slope or an indoor ski slope? While a dry ski slope won’t be as fun as the real snow, of course, but it’s still a fab winter activity that all the family can enjoy together. If you get good at it too then, perhaps you could look at booking a skiing holiday for next year. Some of the indoor ski slopes do feature real snow, though, and some even have areas where you can have snowball fights too.  

Enjoy Star Gazing

In the winter, you have shorter days and clear nights, so it is the best time of year to look up at the night sky. Get out in your garden or go somewhere quiet where you can spend the evening stargazing and discovering the night sky. Just remember to wrap up warm. 

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