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Cancún: You’ve Never Seen The Caribbean Like This Before

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

One of the most recognizable images of Mexico is the Sonoran Desert. Very hot, desolate land with miles and miles of dry cracked landscape. It’s an inhospitable climate and would leave you with the impression that Mexico is a tough place to consider a holiday destination. Yet, don’t forget that Mexico is very large and long. It may be dry and hot in the north but down south is full of vibrancy and light blue ocean waters. Tropical in every sense of the word, it’s pure paradise in a place like Cancun. This city is situated on the Peninsula of Yucatan which borders the Caribbean Sea. The beaches are a latte cream color and married to turquoise blue see-through water. It’s the perfect place for resort companies to set up their tent and that’s exactly what they’ve done. The shallow waters and baking sun make snorkeling the highlight of each day. This is a Caribbean adventure like you’ve never experienced before.

Book your seat

Around 6 million people visit Cancun each year and it’s steadily rising. Estimates suggest that as the middle class grows, it will reach around 9 million by 2025. So it’s getting harder to book your seat and experience this lesser-known hidden gem. Fortunately, however, there are some great deals at which can save you up to £150 to Cancun. TUI Holidays vouchers on the website say they will save you £150, but some of the early-booking packages quite clearly save you double that. You would be staying in the TUI Sensatori Riviera beachfront hotel. It’s situated on the Riviera Maya which is a long stretch of the Caribbean coastline. These savings are for the 2019/20 offers only so it’s never too late to start packing for your place in paradise.

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In among the tropic

When you first land you’ll have a bit of jet lag and you’ll want to relax on a beach. But after you’ve had a couple of days in the sun, it’s time to explore this stupendous location. Xcaret Park is a privately-owned theme park and tourist attraction. It’s an eco-archeological with over 50 natural and cultural attractions. It’s firstly a gold mine for explorers who want to immerse themselves in among the wildlife and tropical vegetation. Put on a life jacket and gently float or walk down the lake and pond to the Mayan temple ruins. You can stay in one of the stilted huts that keep you in among the action and your feet dry. There’s also plenty of cultures to absorb as many of the live performances depict ancient rituals and ceremonies that are important to the ancient peoples of Mexico. The costumes, singing, and dancing are unlike anything else you will ever see. The performers wear historically accurate clothing, jewelry, headdresses and speak the native language of the civilizations they are representing.

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Image by Joaquín Enríquez from Pixabay 

Under the sea

Snorkeling is one thing, but actually going beneath the water is where the most fun can be had. The Cancun Underwater Museum is an explorer’s dream come true. You will need to feel comfortable swimming in a wetsuit and be okay with breathing using an oxygen tank. But don’t worry, there will be an expert diver with you at all times so health and safety is not a problem. The museum is run by a non-profit organization and the aim is to promote archeological and geological conservation. There are 500 sculptures beneath the waves that stand and sit on the sandy bottom. There is all manner of sculptures here, some that are abstract, observational and some that are laying the foundation for historical study.

There’s even a Volkswagen Beetle that has safely been placed on the sand as a matter of watching nature consume our most modern technological advancements. The ‘man on fire’ statue is particularly popular as it seems different materials were used to create a burning skin visual aesthetic. There’s also a crowd of people, for what seems to be a notable gathering of different generations and people. This sculpture is one that you’ll want to get close to when diving. 

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Image by Gavin Seim from Pixabay 

Cruising the best way

The Caribbean Sea is so calming, putting all your worries at ease. Waters like this cannot be found anywhere else. The smooth sea should be part of your adventure in Cancun. To that, you have to ride aboard the Columbus and cruise the coastline while being served a delicious red lobster. It’s a maritime sail ship, just like the kind that the explorers who found Mexico must have ridden in. The best time to go sailing on this brilliant ship is sunset as it makes for the most romantic evening this side of the world. Live music accompanies you on your special night, and with the onboard waiting staff only serving a handful of people, the service is quick and effective. The chef can also take special orders if you like your lobster cooked in a certain way. You may find that taking a couple of your own ingredients will be fruitful as they can be cooked into your meal how you like it. Drinking smooth red wine underneath the moonlight while sailing silently around the coastline, is going to be a memory you won’t forget.  

Climbing the Coba

Mayan ruins are everywhere on this coastline. One of the larger ruins that you can interact with, is the Mayan Coba pyramid. Tourists are welcome to climb on top of it. It seems to have been constructed between 600AD and 900AD. The engravings along the sides all depict events and rituals that were of great importance to the Mayans. Around the temple was a village that apparently held around 1,300 people. One can only wonder what kind of culture and civilization existed here before the people slowly vanished.

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Cancun isn’t quite a Caribbean hotspot. It’s better than that, it’s a hidden Caribbean gem. The climate, water, and tropical location are just the same as any Caribbean island. The attractions are maybe, even more, tantalizing because the ancient ruins of the Mayans are still here waiting to be explored.

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