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Top Wine Pairings For Summer BBQ Time!

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The BBQ season is well and truly upon us, it’s high time to take a chill and kick back with our friends and family to soak up the sun with some delicious food. Whether you’re a lover of meats, fish, halloumi, or those vegetarian and vegan burger alternatives, the big (and most important) question remains- what about the wine? Here come some of the top wine pairings to make your summer soiree just perfect. 

Sauvignon Blanc

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Sauvignon Blanc is a delicious summer bbq option; it’s a zesty grape with a crisp and clean acidity. The key fruit tastes of sauvignon blanc range from apple, to passion fruit, grapefruit or lime. This one will pair excellently with grilled halloumi (if you’re a big fan) as well as grilled fish. 


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Malbec is famous for its dark fruit and smoky flavors. It is typically medium to full-bodied, and it’s beautiful fruit tastes include blackberry, dark cherries or plums. If you love grilled steak on the BBQ, or your friends and family do, this should be your go-to!

Côtes du Rhone

Some shy away from pairing burgers and wine, but this is a mistake, a nice Côtes du Rhone is an excellent pairing with a burger (even if you’ve gone a little crazy on the toppings)! Côtes du Rhone is full of red berries with fruity, sweet and spicy flavors. 


 If you’re fond of chicken on the bbq, why not try a Chardonnay for the perfect combo? Chardonnays are often full-bodied and rich with oaky flavors along with those of butter or vanilla. If you opt for a warm climate Chardonnay, this will have a zest of tropical fruit tastes that pair with chicken excellently. 

Rosé Champagne  

 A summer favorite all around! These will, of course, vary on the type and region but expect fresh aromas and tastes of strawberries and raspberries with that clean, delightful sparkle. Both Rosé champagnes and Rosé wines can be paired well with salmon. 


This wine offers delicate tastes of fruits like apricot or pear and often smells somewhat of honeycomb. If you’re a lover of veggie or vegan burgers, this could be a great pairing, particularly if you are a fan of the burgers than include sweet and spicy ingredients. If can be a little difficult to know which wine to try when veggie burgers vary so much (but what a great excuse to try them all)!  

Buy Wine Online if you want to find the biggest range across types and countries (not to mention excellent quality)! If you can’t make a choice on your favorite BBQ meal, why not sample a few different options (and this gives you an excellent excuse to try more wines)! It can be challenging to know just which wines to serve to make the most of the tasty treats that you cook. However, with a little research (and trial and error fun) you’ll soon be the wine expert that your friends and family come to for advice! Now it’s time to raise your glasses, fill up your plates, and enjoy the summer! 

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    I enjoy pairing all sorts of things, hot & cold, with my favorite wines.

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