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Popular Shutter Styles for your Windows

When it comes to decorating your home, interior shutters are a great way of adding style, and they also offer many practical benefits. Each shutter style is completely versatile to its environment – you can choose a neutral shade that matches your existing décor, or you can add a burst of color to your room. Aside from looking beautiful, shutters can control your privacy, brighten any room, and aid temperature control.

Full-height shutters

Full-height shutters cover the full length of your windows in one panel and work well in every room.

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You can either have louvered shutters, which use slats that can be angled in different ways to either allow light in or to shut it out completely, or you can choose solid panel shutters. These don’t have slats but are just a panel of wood. They are great at letting in a lot of light when opened and can open up a room to the outside well.

Café-style shutters

Café-style shutters typically only cover the lower part of your windows, which is why they are a popular choice for ground-floor windows.   

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By only covering part of the window, they control the privacy of your space while allowing plenty of natural light to come through the top half, keeping your rooms light and private. Café-style shutters work well in street-facing rooms – for example, living rooms and kitchens.

Café-style shutters bring elegance to any room in the home, and for some people, they are more cost-effective than full-height or tier-on-tier shutters.

Tier-on-tier shutters

Tier-on-tier shutters have two sets of shutters – one set above the other – which creates a unique and stylish statement for your windows.

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These are one of the most versatile shutter styles, and having the two sets means that each one can be independently opened or closed, letting in as much light or as little as you would like.

You can open the top tier of the shutters to let light and air flow in, while keeping the bottom one closed for privacy. Alternatively, they can all be completely closed to appear like full-height shutters, providing you with complete privacy at night.

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  1. Dana Rodriguez says:

    These are really pretty choices. I absolutely love the Tier-on-tier shutters!

  2. I am surprised that there are as many varieties of shutter styles for windows as there are. I think that I will do further research to find the style that my wife and I will both like. We are looking into renovating our bedroom to raise the value of our home when we decide to sell.

  3. Julie Wood says:

    These shutters are beautiful. I would love to have these on my windows instead of curtains. The blue color is what I love and I like the way the open.

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