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Eco-Friendly Ways To Defeat Allergies At Home

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Try Natural Remedies

When a sneezing fit hits, you will turn to the kitchen cupboard for a pill. Sometimes, the only way to prevent attacks is to use drugs. However, you don’t want to overdo it with the traditional forms of antihistamines as you will develop immunity. Then, the next time you’re in desperate need of relief, the pills won’t work as well or at all.

Thankfully, natural remedies exist that are as effective as the pharmaceutical ones. Studies suggest an extract called Ze 339 is as powerful as any antihistamine on the market. Also, Phleum pratense and pycnogenol are treatments worth considering. All of them are from natural sources, from plants to Butterbur.

Do The Laundry

Once you leave the house, you run the risk of bringing pollutants from outside into your home. Of course, it’s impossible to eradicate 100% because you’re not a recluse and need to go to work, see friends and family and do the shopping. Still, you can limit the damage caused by the allergens by washing everything as soon as you get home.

Doing the laundry will clean your clothes of any pollen or dust so that they don’t bother you later on. With a green washing powder such as Lemi Shine, you can double down and ensure your clothes are ultra-clean. You shouldn’t only focus on your clothes, either. Washing your hands, hair and skin is an effective way to reduce the effectiveness of allergens. Leave your shoes at the door too so that you don’t walk them through the house.

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Drink More

The obvious thing to drink more of is water. H2O is a miracle fluid that floods the body wand washes out the problematic areas. For example, it cleans the nasal passages and thins the mucus, providing you with some relief.

But, it’s not the only liquid that you should drink more of if you suffer from allergies. Hot drinks, such as tea and coffee, are also useful as are full of steam. When the evaporated water hits the nose, it will open up the pores and clear everything. Don’t forget about food, too. A stew or broth is mainly hot water, giving you the best of both worlds.

Understand Your Triggers

The only way to deal with allergies is to be proactive. Once you know what’s coming, you can devise a plan to reduce allergens in your home and ward of an attack. Lots of people rely on their experience, so if you feel as if things are getting stuffy, you should take action. One sneeze is all it takes.

Of course, you might not understand your triggers at all, which is why a doctor’s appointment is essential. The results from your blood tests will show which allergens you are vulnerable to the most so that you can avoid them. 

The key to defeating allergies at home is to do the basic things and increase your understanding. Then, they shouldn’t be as problematic. 

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