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Don’t Let These Excuses Limit Your Travel Dreams

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Many of us dream about traveling.

We imagine ourselves on sun-soaked beaches. We long for the adventures that can be experienced in faraway countries. We eagerly listen to the stories of our friends and neighbors who have taken the time to see the world. We wonder what life might be like in Thailand, Paris, and Japan. We Google snapshots of the countries we desire the most and add destinations to our bucket lists. We do all of these things in the hope that one day we will have the opportunity to travel.


Many of us dream about traveling but never get on the plane.

We are beholden to excuses that limit us from experiences that could change our lives. We don’t see the world because there is always something in the way of us doing so. And so we stay at home in our comfort zones, always dreaming, always wishing, always thinking about ‘what could have been.’

But here’s the thing.

We need to think about the excuses that limit our travel dreams. We need to tackle them and find ways to overcome them. Because life is too short, and if we live a life of daydreams that don’t become a reality, then we will live a life of regrets.

And so…

What about you? Have you taken the opportunity to see the world, or are there any excuses that are holding you back? If you are a constant traveler, let us know how you have managed to take hold of your dreams and live them. But if you are somebody who always has an excuse as to why you can’t fulfil your travel dreams, consider the following and then think twice before you let them get in your way.

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Excuse #1: I can’t afford to travel

This is a valid excuse because let’s face it, we don’t all have money to burn. However, if you do want to travel, you should make this your priority and cut back your spending in other areas. Stop eating takeaway foods. Stop adding items to your wardrobe that you don’t really need. And find other ways to save money in all aspects of your life. You should then have more money to put into your travel fund, and provided you aren’t tempted to dip your hand into your savings; you should one day have the means to get on a plane to the country of your choice.

Know too that travel doesn’t have to be too expensive. Some countries are cheaper than others to visit, so you should do your research, beginning with the linked article. Many people fund their travel adventures by working abroad, so even if you spend part of your week picking fruit in an orchard or blogging while you’re traveling, you might make some extra cash to extend your travels. And you can cut back on hotel fees by backpacking with a tent, or staying with other families while you’re abroad. So, yes, you will need money to help you travel, but there are ways of making the prospect affordable. Commit to further research online to learn more.

Excuse #2: I need to focus on my career

Did you know travel can help your career? In some ways, travel can make you more employable, so if you are in between jobs and need something for your resumé, you might want to think again if this excuse is common to you. As discussed in the linked article, you might gain diverse work experiences while traveling. You might meet people who could shape your career. And you might learn new skills that could impress your future employers.

Okay, so that’s all well and good, you might be thinking, but what about other practicalities? You might be put off travel if you need time to study for your career, for example. Well, why not take a gap year and put off your studies for a few months?  Or why not consider taking an online degree course? Provided you can find a wifi connection while you’re away, you will be able to take courses such as this online criminal justice associates degree program.

Another practicality might be your boss if you’re currently working. What if they don’t give you time off to travel? Well, you could use up all of your holiday time and take a few weeks out of your year to travel. You might even quit your job if you are looking for a new career anyway. Or you could point out the benefits of travel in relation to your job to your employer, as the ideas in the linked article might convince them to a) give you time away, and b) fund some of your travels.

So, while we appreciate your career is important to you, you don’t have to rule out the idea of travel entirely.

Excuse #3: I’m afraid to travel

We admit it; travel will push you out of your comfort zone. But is that a bad thing? Sometimes, it’s worth pushing past our fears if we want to experience something new. If you let your ‘what if’s’ deter you from living out your travel dreams, you will one day have that ‘what if I had dared to do something different with my life’ haunting you when you are later too old and unable to travel.

So, if this excuse relates to you, ask yourself what your fears are. Are you afraid of flying? Are you afraid of getting lost in a new country? Are you afraid for your safety while you’re abroad? These are all valid fears, but you don’t have to let them overwhelm your thoughts when you’re contemplating the prospect of travel. There are ways to overcome your fear of flying. You can reduce the chances of getting lost by downloading a GPS app on your phone. And to reduce the risks to your personal safety, you could visit one of the safest countries in the world for starters, and then take precautions, such as tagging along with a tour group so you aren’t alone, and researching ways to hide your valuables while you are traveling.

Think about your fears and research ways to overcome them. And then put them in perspective. So, while you will have to step out of your comfort zone, remember the benefits of travel that await. You will get to see a country you have previously only dreamed about. You will experience new and exciting things. And you will finally have the opportunity to overcome your fears, and that will mean the world will be opened up to you for further travel adventures.

Excuse #4: I just don’t have the time

Okay, so you lead a busy life, but when will you get the time to travel? There might always be something getting in the way, be that work, family, or other commitments, but if you don’t make room on your calendar, then this might always be your excuse. If you really do want to travel, you have to make the time, and that might mean sacrificing something. You might have to miss somebody’s birthday, wedding, or anniversary. You might have to risk upsetting a family member or friend. And while it’s not always easy, especially if you regularly put the needs of others before your own, sometimes you have to step out and put yourself first, and in this context, it might mean getting on a plane for a few weeks or months to live out your travel dreams. There might never be a perfect time, but If you don’t fix a date and stick to it, you will never get away, and that would be a shame!

Excuse #5: I have a family to consider

If you have children to consider, as well as a partner, then we can understand your reluctance to travel. However, there are two ways around this.

For starters, you might want to bring them with you. After all, why travel alone when your family could experience the adventure with you? Check out this advice on family travel and then consider the possibilities. While schooling could be an issue, you could still speak to your children’s teachers and collect the appropriate curriculum details so you can continue your children’s education while you’re away.

Secondly, and if family travel isn’t possible, you can still keep in touch with your loved ones while you’re traveling. Arrange to speak to them every day over Skype or FaceTime, and share the news of your adventures with them. Sure, you will miss your family, and they will miss you, but as the saying goes, absence makes the heart grow fonder!


Don’t let your excuses prevent you from living out your travel dreams. If you have a desire to see parts of the world, then find ways to do so. You might only live a life of regrets if you don’t. We hope our suggestions were helpful to you, and that they help you overcome the stumbling blocks in your way. Let us know what you think, and if you have any further suggestions for our readers, please share your ideas with us.

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