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Adulting is hard! Celebrate with Wilson Creek.

Thank you Wilson Creek Winery for sponsoring this post. Wilson Creek Winery encourages you to celebrate the little things in life with their line of sparkling wines.

Laundry is the bane of my existence. I thought I hated it before I had a kid, and then I had a kid. Now I am drowning in a never-ending pile of mismatched socks. In general, I am a fully-functioning, proper adult. I bathe. My kid is (usually) bathed. I pay my bills. Heck, I even pull the weeds from my garden on a weekly basis. I just can’t seem to get it together when it comes to laundry. My mommy kryptonite, perhaps? So as an incentive for folding, I am going to celebrate proper adulting with Wilson Creek Sparkling Wine.

The laundry pile isn’t a metaphor, it actually exists. And every morning it travels from the floor to the bed and then back to the floor every night. That is the extent of my laundry’s travels. It never gets folded and it certainly never makes it to a closet… or heaven forbid, a dresser! My family simply scrounges in the pile for clean clothes (like wolves!), until there are no more clean clothes to be had and then the vicious cycle starts again.

Adulting 1 683x1024 - Adulting is hard! Celebrate with Wilson Creek.
Actual (embarrassing) picture of the normal state of my bed.

So, I’ve come up with a solution. Actually, it is an incentive for my husband and me. Every Friday evening, I place out a bottle of bubbly next to the bed and we drink it until all the laundry is folded and properly put away. I parent the same way, only with candy (that’s a joke, don’t send me hate-mail). This week’s bottle for my husband and I to fold towards? Wilson Creek Almond Sparkling Wine!

Wilson Creek Sparkling Wine
Wilson Creek Sparkling Wine
Wilson Creek Sparkling Wine
Wilson Creek Sparkling Wine

I had heard of Wilson Creek’s famed Almond sparkling wine, but had never tried it. Within seconds of opening the bottle, the most lovely aroma of almond sweetness filled the air in enticing wisps. And as an extra special treat, I had dusted off our super fancy wedding flutes for the ultimate display of adultness. Adultedness? Adultinghood? Grown-upity-ness! That’s it, grown-upity-ness! When I do something, I do it big! No joke, within 15 minutes of pouring the glasses, our bed looked more like this…

IMG 8280 1024x683 - Adulting is hard! Celebrate with Wilson Creek.
Getting closer to a glass of bubbly!

A bit of organization and a lot of incentive from Wilson Creek, and voila! We were proper adults again… that is until next week.

Wilson Creek Sparkling Wine

Now it’s time to sip! The Almond sparkling wine is naturally fermented, with an actual hint of almond flavoring. Being such a unique wine, it elevated an ordinary adulting moment to something grandly sophisticated. If almond isn’t your thing, then there is no need to fret. Wilson Creek offers 10 unique flavors for your enjoyment. Find them at your local store, online, or just pop into the winery in Temecula Valley Wine Country.

Wilson Creek Sparkling Wine

For the next bout of laundry folding, we are going to pop open this beautiful bottle of Wilson Creek Peach Bellini…

Wilson Creek Sparkling Wine
Wilson Creek Sparkling Wine
Wilson Creek Sparkling Wine

Don’t our wedding flutes look dreamy with a bit of almond sparkle to them?! So what adulting moments do you think would be made easier with a little incentive? Shout them out below and make sure to pick up a bottle of Wilson Creek Sparkling Wine. Now if you don’t mind me, I need to go find some more laundry to fold… I need a reason to go open that Wilson Creek Peach Bellini bottle! Happy adulting!

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  1. donna porter says:

    First time hearing about Wilson Creek Sparkling Wine. I love a good wine so time to try a new one!

  2. Cheryl says:

    I love bubbles and carbonation.

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