Linenly Organic Bamboo Sheet Set
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David versus Goliath. Edison versus Tesla. Martha Stewart versus Gwyneth Paltrow. Me versus Bedding. Rivalries that span the test of time. My Goliath is bedsheets. I do not know what interior designer I pissed off in a past life, but I have the worst luck with bedding. Whether it’s fitted sheets that aren’t deep enough or a pillowcase that rips at the seams after 1 week, I have had the hardest time finding the right sheets. But no more! Thanks to my friends at Linenly, my struggle is over. Check out my new gorgeous set of 100% Organic Bamboo Sheets.

The lovely people at Linenly sent me this gorgeous bamboo sheet set in Gray Blue and I couldn’t be more thrilled. Plus they have deep sides! Hallelujah! They are generous in size with deep sides and would fit a large mattress perfectly.

Linenly Organic Bamboo Sheet Set

Hailing from Australia, the sheet set is woven with a silky, super-fine bamboo yarn. It is free of harmful chemicals, naturally hypoallergenic, and antibacterial. And just look at how dreamy they make my bed…

Linenly Organic Bamboo Sheet Set
Linenly Organic Bamboo Sheet Set
Linenly Organic Bamboo Sheet Set
Linenly Organic Bamboo Sheet Set

Now if you don’t mind me, I think it’s time for a nap. Make sure to check out all the color varieties here and order your own set of Linenly Organic Bamboo Sheets. And yes, I do accept ‘thank you’ cards.

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    These sheets sound like a perfect night’s sleep.

  2. Thanks for a great post!

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