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Why You Should Choose Quartz for Your New Countertop

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Quartz countertops have been taking the interior design market by storm for the last few years. People love the look and relative affordability of cost when compared to high end countertops like marble or granite. Quartz looks great and is extremely durable, so builders, designers and homeowners are turning to the material for more of their projects. It’s a great way to add a luxury feel to a home that will stay in style for years and years. Making decisions on a kitchen or bathroom remodel is important. Changes are expensive and will have a real impact on the home’s value. Choosing the right countertop material is crucial because people spend so much time in kitchens and bathrooms. Getting the right look and feel is important to the vibe a house gives off. Quartz is leading the pack when it comes to low-maintenance, beautiful seamless countertops. Here are five reasons why quartz is the right call for your new kitchen or bathroom.

Quartz can be a Better Value than High End Natural Stone

Not everyone has a limitless budget for home remodels. Marble looks great, but it’s expensive. Quartz offers a perfect alternative for people who want an upscale look at a better price point. Crushed quartz is mixed with polymers and resins to create the quartz slabs. The finished product is a completely nonporous material that is practically impossible to stain. They last seemingly forever. Quartz is manufactured to be harder than granite and other natural stones, so it’s almost impervious. They almost never chip or split. A major difference between quartz and granite, though, is that quartz is not heat-resistant. Homeowners can’t move a hot pan in the kitchen from the stove directly onto a quartz countertop without the risk of leaving burn marks.

Synthetic Manufacturing Provides Endless Customization

One of the best benefits of quartz is that it comes in all colors and shapes. The flexibility given to slabs with the added polymers makes quartz a lot more flexible than natural stone slabs. This means it can be shaped into unique positions and forms to fit almost any kitchen or bathroom configuration. Interior design can also be taken to the extreme with quartz. If you need blood red countertops or midnight black, no problem. You can specify solid colors or request veining to imitate marble or quartz countertops. The world is your oyster with quartz, so it’s become an easy favorite of prominent designers. Colors are adjusted by adding pigments in the polymer and resin during the manufacturing process. As they blend with the stone, the entire slab takes on striking colors or patterns. More manufacturers are experimenting with just how far design options can be taken with quartz, so there’s more to be seen from this unique material.

Quartz is Very Easy to Maintain

Developments in the manufacturing process have taken a lot of the regular maintenance work out of keeping quartz countertops in top shape. As mentioned, quartz is extremely strong and stain-resistant, so it’s not necessary to treat them with padded gloves. Basically, all that’s required to keep them looking fantastic is an occasional wash with soap and water. No purchase of expensive cleaners or solutions is required. There are no seams where it’s easy to collect dirt and grime. Nothing builds up because the smooth surface makes it easy to spot spills or crumbs. The popularity of quartz has led to a lot of cleaning product manufacturers labeling whether their products are appropriate for quartz surfaces. This can help guide homeowners to make sure they don’t stain or erode the quartz unnecessarily.

Quartz is Manufactured Responsibly

Many builders, designers and homeowners want to partner with products that are environmentally friendly. The countertops and other materials they choose for their homes espouse something about them. They use them to communicate their values and beliefs. Most quartz slabs are non-toxic and antimicrobial. The green manufacturing process makes it, so quartz doesn’t require sealing with sometimes toxic materials. Installing the solid quartz slabs saves time and money upfront, but also reduces a home’s environmental impact down the road. It’s great for peace of mind for environmentally-conscious homeowners. It’s important to research the quartz maker’s process and standards before purchasing if eco-manufacturing is a priority. Not all companies operate to the same standard, so check before purchase.

Quartz Offers a Great Value Boost for Homes

Most people think they’ll live in a house forever when they buy it. They spend months looking through listings and touring houses before they find something they love and want to call home. Houses represent such a large investment of time and money that no one should settle for something less. The truth is, though, that the average family will live in more than one home in their adult life. Jobs change, families grow, and other circumstances force a move to a new house. People of course want top dollar for their homes when they sell. Quartz is the perfect choice for adding value to home equity. It’s got a good reputation as a high-quality material that’s long-lasting and the allure of quartz draws in buyers. Installing quartz countertops will often represent a high return on investment when the time to sell comes around. There’s very little wear and tear, so potential buyers will be seeing the same beautiful quartz you saw when you first saw them.

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