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5 Causes Of Mold In Your Home

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Mold is a fungus founds in many homes that commonly thrives in damp conditions. As well as being unsightly, mold can be dangerous if left unattended – it has been linked with many respiratory diseases including conditions as serious as legionnaires. Mold can usually be wiped away quite easily, however it will return if you don’t get to the root cause. Here are just a few possible causes of mold in the home to look out for.

External leaks

Leaking water can often result in damp, which can in turn lead to mold. External leaks are caused by water from outside the home seeping in. This could be rainwater seeping through a hole in the roof or rainwater seeping through a crack in a window frame. Such leaks should be attended to swiftly to prevent major water damage. If you’ve got an old roof and have been getting numerous leaks, you may want to consider an entire roof replacement to fix the problem. It’s worth noting that the entry point of many external links isn’t always obvious and it can sometimes be best to hire a professional to look for the source of the leak.

Internal leaks

Internal leaks are the result of plumbing faults inside your home. This could include burst pipes or damaged seals on fixtures. Such leaks can often lead to damp patches on walls, floors and ceilings, which can attract mold. The exact cause of the leak is likely to depend on the location. If you’re getting damp and mould on the floor, it’s possible that it’s an underfloor pipe. By understanding plumbing and slab leak detection, you may be able to find the exact source. Meanwhile, mold on the ceiling under a bathroom could be the result of a leaky fixture above such as a bath or toilet. Such a leak is likely to get worse after using a particular faucet.

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Rising damp

If you’ve noticed mold appearing on the bottom of ground floor walls, it could be the result of rising damp. This is when water from the earth seeps up through the foundations and brickwork of a home. Rising damp can be prevented by fitting a home with a damp proof course – this is a membrane material that run underneath the wall. Getting a damp proof course fitted can be costly but is recommended as it can save the structural integrity of your home. Damp proof courses can get damaged – if you already have a damp proof course and are getting mould at the bottom of walls, don’t discount the fact that it could still be rising damp as the result of a damaged damp proof course.

Wet clothes

If you have a habit for hanging up wet clothes indoors, this could also be leading to mold. As these wet clothes dry, the water can evaporate into the air and cause condensation on the walls and windows. You’re much better off hanging your wet clothes outdoors to dry. If this isn’t possible because of the weather, another option could be to invest in a tumble dryer. Tumble dryers are not as expensive to buy as they used to be and many are now very economical to use. You can buy washer-dryers that wash and dry your clothing in one, helping to save space.

Lack of ventilation
Keeping your home ventilated could also prevent mold. Moisture naturally gathers in the air just by breathing – by opening windows, you can help to let this moisture out. Ventilation is particularly important in rooms such as the bathroom and kitchen which can often get steamy as the result of cooking or using the shower. In such rooms, it’s beneficial to install an extractor fan to help pump out the steamy air. Extractor fans can also prevent you having to open your window for ventilation when the weather outside is bad. An alternative option to ventilation is to buy a dehumidifier for your home that can suck the moisture out of the air and convert it into dry air.

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