Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls
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Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls

Tis the season for hosting parties! And as we’ve been extensively covering this month, you need some killer appetizers on your menu. So today I offer you up a surprisingly sweet and scrumptious recipe to knock your holiday festivities out of the park… Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls! This one comes courtesy of my friends at Cello Cheese who sponsored this post and truly want to help you get the party started. So without further ado, let’s get to baking!

Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls Recipe 683x1024 - Parmesan Currant Crescent RollsParmesan Currant Crescent Rolls 6 683x1024 - Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls

This is a very simple recipe to whip up! Let’s walk through it together so you can see just how easy. First, preheat the oven to 375°F and line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Lay out pre-made crescent dough and place 1 tsp. of red currant jam in the center of the wide base.

Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls 1 683x1024 - Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls

Top with a small handful of chopped dates…

Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls 2 683x1024 - Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls

Add a fresh basil leaf…

Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls 3 683x1024 - Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls

And then top with a cube of the Cello Artisan Parmesan Cheese. This is a fantastic cheese for this particular recipe. Cello Artisan Parmesan has a bold, nutty flavor that balances beautifully with the sweetness of the dates and currants. Plus the fact that the cheese is aged for 12 months, means it has a lovely texture that is quite perfectly suited to a baked good.

Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls 4 683x1024 - Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls

Next, roll the crescent dough tightly to close and pinch on each end to seal. Place on the cookie sheet and brush with egg wash.

Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls 5 683x1024 - Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls

Lastly, place in the oven and bake approximately 12-15 minutes. Let cool sightly and enjoy warm!

Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls 7 683x1024 - Parmesan Currant Crescent RollsParmesan Currant Crescent Rolls 9 683x1024 - Parmesan Currant Crescent RollsParmesan Currant Crescent Rolls 8 683x1024 - Parmesan Currant Crescent RollsParmesan Currant Crescent Rolls 10 683x1024 - Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls

And that’s it! A fabulous appetizer to appease the hungry holiday masses! It’s also helpful to have some extra Cello cheeses on hand for your other homemade dishes since they make great additions to pizzas, salads, pastas, and vegetables. Make sure to find Cello cheese at your local ShopRite or Sprouts in the refrigerated cheese aisle. So tell me, what’s your favorite appetizer to serve at a holiday party?

Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls 410x1024 - Parmesan Currant Crescent Rolls

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