Holiday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée Kits
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Holiday Hacks: Tyson® Dinner & Entrée Kits

This post is sponsored by Tyson Foods, Inc. All comments and opinions are my own.

Once November rolls around, we start the holiday season marathon. Baking, shopping, turkeys, parties, presents, caroling, Santa! All this thankfulness and yuletide cheer can be quite exhausting. And if you are anything like me, you are about to spend more time in the kitchen basting, kneading, and sautéing in the next two months than you have the rest of this year combined. To avoid a seasonal meltdown, I like to have a few easy meals up my sleeve. Luckily, my lovely friends at Tyson Foods, Inc. and Target have just what we need: Tyson® Dinner and Entrée Kits! Hallelujah!

Before we ring in the New Year, I literally will whip up 1 ham, two turkeys, 3 cakes, 4 pies, 10 holiday breads, 50+ cookies, and Zeus knows how many side dishes. You see, not only do I have the holidays to worry about, there are literally four birthdays in my immediate family… in December alone! The most-mindboggling aspect of all of this is that I will be surrounded by food, but have very little time to prepare dinner most nights. And let’s be honest, if I’m not preparing for the endless festivities, then I certainly don’t want to be slaving away in the kitchen for an average meal. Even I have my cooking limits! So as I’ve discussed in the past on the blog, I like to have an arsenal of easy (and delicious!) weeknight meals at hand for such moments. This is where Tyson Dinner and Entrée Kits from Target comes into play.  The kits are fully cooked and come in a variety of scrumptious flavors: Tyson Dinner Kit – Crispy Chicken Pomodoro; Lemon Parmesan Chicken; and Seasoned Steak Fillet with Mushrooms; and Tyson Entrée Kit – Roasted Ginger Chicken; Citrus Roasted Chicken; and Crispy Adobo Chicken. For the sake of scientific discovery, I decided to taste-test the Tyson Dinner Kit – Crispy Chicken Pomodoro for you and report back.

Holiday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée Kits

The meal was wonderfully easy to make. You take the home-cooked quality meal for 2 out of the freezer, whip it up in about 20 minutes, and enjoy the perfectly prepped & portioned proteins and veggies. I particularly loved how balanced of a meal I received from the Tyson Dinner Kit – Crispy Chicken Pomodoro. I got vegetables and a delicious chicken dish with little effort. To show you just how easy it is to make the meal, I’ll walk you through the steps…

First, I prepped the ingredients. With the oven preheated to 475°F, I removed the chicken from the packaging and placed it on a foil-lined baking sheet.

Holiday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée Kits

Next, I placed the chicken in the oven and let it heat for 18-20 minutes.

While the chicken was heating, I threw the beans in a pan with 1 tbs. of water. I then covered it and let it heat for 5 minutes. Then removed the cover and continued to heat while stirring for an additional 3-5 minutes.

Holiday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée Kits

Lastly, I partially opened the sauce packet and heated it in the microwave for 45-60 seconds.

Holiday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée Kits

I then plated the chicken and beans and topped off with the sauce. And that’s it!

Holiday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée KitsHoliday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée KitsHoliday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée Kits

Best of all, you can serve up the kits to the whole family without guilt. That’s because Tyson chicken is produced with no antibiotics ever and with no artificial flavors. Everyone is getting a yummy meal made of quality protein.

Holiday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée KitsHoliday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée KitsHoliday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée KitsHoliday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée Kits

There you have it, the solution to your seasonal dinner woes. So head to Target’s freezer aisle to pick up the meals. Also make sure to take advantage of the Cartwheel offer for 40% off any ONE (1) Fully Cooked Tyson Dinner or Entrée Kit. So tell me, which kit do you want to try first? Shout it out in the comments section and let me know what other special dishes you’ll be preparing for the holidays!

Holiday Hacks - Tyson® Dinner & Entrée Kits

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  1. Allison Frederick says:

    I’ll be trying this! Anything to make my life easier

  2. Katherine S says:

    I havent seen these yet! Sounds interesting. We get so busy near the holidays and my husband is on call so it is hard to plan dinners sometimes.

  3. Christina moore says:

    I love dinner kits, so easy to fix

  4. Maureen says:

    What a great way to have a good meal and when do not have the time to do from start to finish have this as a star up and help. Looks great.

  5. Lisa Bourlier says:

    Got to try one so far and it was really good

  6. Cynthia C says:

    Looks like a fast and easy way to get a tasty dinner ready.

  7. mami2jcn says:

    Dinner kits are so handy!

  8. Nickie says:

    This would be great for a quick meal

  9. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I want to try these. Great for a busy weeknight!

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