Smoked Paprika Cheese Croissants
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Smoked Paprika Cheese Croissants

This post is sponsored by Price*s but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

We’ve all been there. Family members from out of town litter your extra bedroom, pull-out couches, and even the blow-up mattress in the hallway. As you quietly tiptoe through the pile of sleeping relatives into the kitchen, you realize you need to pull together breakfast and quick. Soon enough the snoring masses will transform into a hungry mob that isn’t afraid to verbalize complaints. But the worst part of this whole scenario? Your mother-in-law is one of the sleeping giants. Oh yes, you know exactly what this means. The sole purpose of the MIL monster is to dish out hefty servings of guilt-ridden inadequacy. So not only do you have to feed these rabid animals, you have a Queen Bee on your hands that will be carefully critiquing your every culinary move, ready and willing to pounce at the first sign of over-seasoning (“Oh honey, salt is a garnish not an entree.”) But don’t fret, for I have navigated this familial minefield for many years and have always emerged unscathed. With the help of Price*s Pimiento Cheese Spread, I have a recipe that you can add to your arsenal. Smoked Paprika Cheese Croissants, my comrades!

Smoked Paprika Cheese Croissants

I could go into a whole hullabaloo about the merits of fancy, French-inspired breakfast treats that are sure to impress your MIL. But let’s be honest, if you’re reading this right now, then you’re desperate and have little time to waste. So let’s skip right to the meat…

Smoked Paprika Cheese Croissants

Smoked Paprika Cheese CroissantsSmoked Paprika Cheese CroissantsSmoked Paprika Cheese CroissantsSmoked Paprika Cheese CroissantsSmoked Paprika Cheese CroissantsSmoked Paprika Cheese CroissantsSmoked Paprika Cheese CroissantsSmoked Paprika Cheese CroissantsSmoked Paprika Cheese Croissants

I was able to order my tubs of Price*s Pimiento Cheese Spread off of Amazon (praise the internet!), but you can find them easily in most local markets like Randalls or Ralphs in the cheese aisle. This is a great cheese spread for this recipe, since it is already wonderfully flavored and easy to spoon into the croissants.

Smoked Paprika Cheese CroissantsSmoked Paprika Cheese Croissants

What breakfast recipe do you whip up to impress the in-laws? Share it below and make sure to enter for a chance to win a year’s supply of Price*s Pimiento Cheese Spread here. Good luck, soldier!

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  1. Cheryl says:

    These look delish! I love croissants and cheese.

  2. I would love to try this recipe. It looks so delicious!

  3. Natalie says:

    I always thought croissants were hard to make, but this looks doable!

  4. Carolyn Daley says:

    The smoked paprika cheese croissants look delicious. I would probably try them but omit the honey mustard.


    love it i need some

  6. Elena says:

    Looks so yummy!

  7. Dana Rodriguez says:

    This is a delicious idea! I think I will make this over the weekend!

  8. Sarah L says:

    Great flavors in this.

  9. That looks delicious!

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