Backyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister Wine
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Backyard Bestie Birthday Party: Donuts & Middle Sister Wine

Thank you Middle Sister for sponsoring this post. Bring your favorite Middle Sister wine along to all of your celebrations this year!

Did you know that you can have more than one soulmate? Sure, we all know about the romantic soulmate, but what about your foodie soulmate? Mine is donuts. We were destined to be together. Or how about a kindred spirit who just so happens to be a furry friend? I certainly have had other worldly connections with a dog or two in my life. Those that find themselves with more than one soulmate are truly blessed. Especially when they find their best friend. That person holds a connection to you like no other. They are your chosen family. She’s your sister and there’s nothing that can come between you. So for her birthday, you need to put together a proper celebration and I’m going to help you. This is my tutorial on how to create a backyard bestie birthday party with donuts and Middle Sister Wine!

Backyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister Wine

My BFF soulmate and chosen sister is Annie. She is a ridiculously talented artist (and overall amazing human being) in Brooklyn. We met through our husbands who happened to be work besties, but our bond was solidified over our love of food. And fashion. And travel. And feminism. And art. And cake. And children. And cocktails. Many years have passed since our fateful meeting, many states now sit between us, and many months of separation have ticked away. But she is the Thelma to my Louise and always will be. And when I get the chance to once again spoil her on her birthday, here’s how I would do it… wine and donuts. Try to think of a better combination. I dare you! So let’s break down the elements needed to put together a kicking bestie birthday celebration…

Backyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister Wine

The Wine:

There is no such thing as a backyard bestie birthday party without a good amount of quality wine. Since your bestie is a ride-or-die, partner-in-crime sort of gal, you’re going to want an equally sassy wine to go with the festivities. And I happen to have the perfect brand for this occasion… Middle Sister! Middle Sister wines were created 10 years ago by the founding women of the Wine Sisterhood. Founder Terry Wheatley was fascinated by her best friend’s middle daughter, Erin. From childhood, she was just wonderfully outrageous, free-spirited, and larger than life. Thus, Terry created Middle Sister wines for middle sisters everywhere, so they finally get the attention they deserve. Perfect, right?! Here’s the bottles you’re going to want to pick up:

  • Middle Sister Sweet & Sassy “Magic” Moscato (The label changes with the temperature!)

  • Middle Sister Rebel Red Blend

  • Middle Sister Drama Queen Pinot Grigio

  • Middle Sister Wild One Malbec

  • Middle Sister Goodie Two-Shoes Pinot Noir

  • Middle Sister Mischief Maker Cabernet Sauvignon

Backyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister WineBackyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister Wine

The Donut Tower:

Let’s cut to the chase… you don’t need anything other than donuts. Go buy a few dozen of your BFF’s favorite flavors, pile them into a tiered cake of heavenly perfection, and call it a day. Sure, you can keep up the pretenses of tea sandwiches, a colorful salad, and an hor d’oeuvres or two, but you know that all your bestie really wants is a donut tower.

Backyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister WineBackyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister WineBackyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister WineBackyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister Wine

The Location:

Keep it simple and stick to the backyard. That way, all the gals can lounge about comfortably and have a serene place to enjoy a lovely day outdoors. Add an extra bit of fun to the festivities by including a bicycle and lawn games for celebratory enjoyment.

Backyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister WineBackyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister Wine

The Decor:

This birthday party is about the little joys in life like friendship, so keep it simple. Have an ice bucket available for the wine bottles, a cozy blanket for comfy lounging in the grass, and a tray or side table to avoid spilling any wine. Get a few bouquets of your bestie’s favorite flowers and get to decorating the area. I personally like to think of flowers like confetti… cut them off the stems and shower the area with floral fireworks!

Backyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister WineBackyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister WineBackyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister WineBackyard Bestie Birthday Party, Donut Tower, Middle Sister WineBackyard Bestie Birthday Party - Donut Tower & Middle Sister Wine

And that’s really all you need. Spoil your BFF with these little details and then do what you two do best… talk about all things life with a glass of good wine in one hand and a donut in the other. This year, Middle Sister wines turns 10! To help celebrate, the brand is hosting a monthly Kate Spade purse sweepstakes.  Be sure to enter to win this month’s Middle Sister giveaway and remember to bring your favorite Middle Sister character along to all of your celebrations this year. Wines are available in stores across the U.S. and online. She’s never one to miss a party! Write a message to your BFF in the comments below and send them this post link so you can start scheming the next birthday extravaganza! I love you, Annie!!!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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