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Entertaining: The Romance of Food

Food often serves as more than just nutrients. It is a glue that bonds love, a shared moment that enhances experiences, and a way to communicate without saying a word. No one knows that better than today’s uber talented group of wedding professionals. They recently put together one of the most stunning photo shoots and placed food as it’s centerpiece. As you feast your eyes on this dreamy event, I’ll let Aleczander from Bwedding Invitations walk you through all the details…

Planning a wedding can be a daunting process. From organising the guest list to hunting for the right venue, we often become bogged down by all of the extensive planning behind the scenes. In doing so, couples sometimes forget that they need to enjoy the special moment – after all, their wedding is going to be the biggest day of their lives! This idea inspired the theme of Bwedding Invitations’ latest styled shoot, aptly named “Romance Isn’t Dead” – a reminder for couples to enjoy their wedding day through little gestures of love.

Wedding, Romance, Bridal


The photographers were a husband and wife duo who ran a business together named Sephory Photography. Working together, they depicted a day filled with romantic gestures as a sign of love. Desa, one half of Sephory Photography, said the main inspiration came from their love as husband and wife. When the bride wakes up for her big day, she discovers a delicate bouquet of handpicked flowers and a lovely handwritten note asking her to meet her fiancé outside soon. To kick off her morning, she indulges in the morning newspaper while eating a small selection of her favourite treats including croissants, macaroons and fresh fruit.

Wedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, Bridal

Shot in the picturesque location of Mont Du Soleil in the heart of the Victorian Ranges in Australia, the shoot was welcomed with gorgeous views of the Yarra Valley. It also provided a warmer aesthetic, which gave the location a romantic and rustic feel. It was the perfect place for our vision to come alive.To complement the setting, a variety of blush pinks, pure whites and pastel hues were used. The natural greenery around the venue unified this styled shoot with a nice pop of vibrancy that enticed your eyes into the story.

Wedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, Bridal

Upon meeting her fiancé in the courtyard, the groom romances her with his guitar before spending time together to revel in this special moment.

Wedding, Romance, Bridal

They sit side by side at the dining table, eating together as they reflect on their lives and the big day ahead of them.

Wedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, Bridal

The styling and choices of the food played a big role in this photoshoot. Eating together is a little gesture many couples do daily, so we wanted to incorporate this everyday routine into the overall aesthetic. We selected food that not only complemented each other in terms of colour, but also contrasted the pale shade of the table it was on. We began with the centrepiece – a bouquet of flowers adorned with baby mandarins. From there, the food surrounding it showcased a blush pink palette mixed with bolder tones of red, purple and natural brown. This resulted in a delectable display of fruit, macaroons, bread, cheese and cakes. While stylish in appearance, it enhanced the intimacy of the photoshoot, in that a little gesture like eating together goes a long way into keeping the romance alive in a relationship.

Wedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, Bridal

The styled shoot serves as a reminder to remember that love is not always about big grand gestures. The little details are just as important as the louder ones, even if it’s something small like dining together before the rest of the wedding day unfolds.

Wedding, Romance, BridalWedding, Romance, Bridal

We also remind brides that while planning a wedding in advance is essential, they shouldn’t forget about appreciating and celebrating in the moment too. And if you’re stuck on ideas, delicious food is always a good place to start!

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