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Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Dessert Table

April 30, 2018
Unicorn Birthday, Party, Rainbow, Dessert Table

Due to an insane amount of lovely fan mail and a small (yet, still alarming) amount of hate mail, we are bringing back our ‘Entertaining’ section. I heard you loud and clear, so we’ll once again be featuring whimsically stylized parties and shoots from some of the best in the industry. Lucky for you, I have been planning this comeback for the past few weeks and already have a portfolio of events to feature from some of the most talented vendors in the nation. So to kick us off, we couldn’t start with a more whimsical theme… a Rainbow Unicorn Birthday Party!

Cutie pie Ellie’s mom and dad clearly have this parenting thing down. For her first birthday party, they inherently knew you must go whimsical or you go home! Rainbows? Check! Unicorns? Check! A dreamy dessert table? Check! Cake smash? You better believe it! Sweetly captured by photographer Ashley Hamm at Graziano’s restaurant in Illinois, the party was all about magical details.

Since we’re a food focused website, let’s break down the scrumptious dessert table, shall we? As it’s centerpiece, the dessert table had not one but two features. At the forefront is arguably one of the sweetest unicorn birthday cakes I’ve ever seen. Created by Mariano’s, the cake features sweet eyelashes, a mane of rainbow curls, and a unicorn horn topper. To perfectly compliment the cake is a rainbow cupcake display also by Mariano’s. Personally, I love how the frosting palette is in only pastels and always recommend a like-cupcake display for easy self-serving. Divine!

Unicorn Birthday, Party, Rainbow, Dessert Table

Almost too cute to handle is the “Baby Unicorn Fur” (a.k.a. cotton candy) on the dessert table…

Unicorn Birthday, Party, Rainbow, Dessert Table

Always a welcome addition to such affairs is a nice tiered cookie plate. Featuring birthday sugar cookies, assorted macarons, and white chocolate dipped Oreos, this is a great example of the right way to lay out cookies for your party guests.

Unicorn Birthday, Party, Rainbow, Dessert Table

And as a wise woman once said.. chocolate-dipped pretzel sticks never hurt anyone.

Unicorn Birthday, Party, Rainbow, Dessert Table

It’s always very important to honor cultural heritage during special life events. So, this stunning Korean Rice Cake by 80 Million Food also paid homage to baby Ellie’s heritage with a special place on the dessert table.

Unicorn Birthday, Party, Rainbow, Dessert TableUnicorn Birthday, Party, Rainbow, Dessert Table

And if your heart wasn’t already bursting with magical joy from the sweets spread, then take a gander at this…

Unicorn Birthday, Party, Rainbow, Dessert Table

There you have it! A perfectly whimsical way to ring in a year on Earth! What’s your favorite detail of this Rainbow Unicorn Birthday? Shout it out below and make sure to check out all the amazing vendors that put this seamlessly together.

Photographer:  Ashley Hamm Photography // Restaurant: Graziano’s // Unicorn Cake & Rainbow Cupcakes: Mariano’s // Korean Rice Cakes: 80 Million Food

Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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