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Foodie Travel Guide: Spring 2018 Hot Spots

We may be only four months into the new year, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t already need a vacation. Between a turbulent political atmosphere, extreme weather, and an economy that still isn’t free of the recession’s hold, you may just need to get away for a few days. So unplug and pack your stretchy pants because I’ve compiled the top three Spring cities you’re going to want to eat your way through. If you’re looking for a more extensive list, head on over here for more great cities as well. Otherwise, let’s get to the Spring 2018 Foodie Travel Guide…

adriennenbruce colorful colada shop patio yesmydccool - Foodie Travel Guide: Spring 2018 Hot Spots
Colada Shop in Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

Topping our foodie travel guide is our nation’s capital. This may be a city bursting at the seams with political strife, but there is no denying that D.C.’s food scene is on point. Just divert your eyes from the perpetual dumpster fire at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and trot on over to restaurant row for a symphony of flavors. From Michelin starred masterpieces to the city’s famed smoked chili, it is quickly becoming a top foodie destination in the US. In particular, Washington D.C. made the Spring list because of the Cherry Blossoms. The city may soon be the epicenter of a historic Constitutional Crisis, but at least you can eat your feelings and take in the flowery sites along the historic streets. My “Don’t Miss” recommendation? Chef Eric Ziebold and Celia Laurent’s modern American restaurant, Kinship.

The Pass Provisions 1024x683 - Foodie Travel Guide: Spring 2018 Hot Spots

Houston, Texas

Currently the foodie city-du-jour, Houston not only offers a plethora of dining options, it also serves as the home base for The Frosted Petticoat. That’s us! At the risk of being run down by an angry mob of Texans, I must admit that Houston can’t touch NYC’s food scene. I’m sorry, but I’ve lived in both places and regardless of the ever-pervasive Houstonian delusions of grandeur, Manhattan blows them out of the swampy water. That being said, Houston does have an eclectic mix of cajun meets deep-southern hospitality that is quite unique to the region. Vietnamese-style Cajun Crawfish? Yup, they’ve got it. Trendy tapas BBQ? Uh huh. Texan raised Wagu beef sushi? You bet ya! Oh and I recommend this city for Spring, because let’s be honest, even the natives don’t want to be here during the sweltering summer. My “Don’t Miss” recommendation? The unfailingly chic dual concept restaurant, The Pass & Provisions.

Terra Vina with Field Vine 1024x683 - Foodie Travel Guide: Spring 2018 Hot Spots

Portland, Oregan

Known for it’s farm-to-table dining, innovative food carts, and killer coffee, Portland rounds out our foodie travel guide as a solid trip your stomach will thank you for. And with it’s relatively steady cool weather, it is a great destination for your sweater’s last hurrah of the season. Enjoy a unique dining experience with a Farm dinner. Yup, it’s literally as it’s name states, a dinner table smack dab in the middle of a farm. My “Don’t Miss” recommendation? The farm dinner series, of course, organized by Field & Vine.

If you’re looking for more recommendations, make sure to visit this thoughtful Sober Travel Destinations list. So which of these foodie travel destinations are you going to use as your Spring getaway?

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