• Calvin says:

    Been so long since I had corn dogs, never thought of making my own though, usually get the frozen ones.. I mean 10 years ago.. Not a staple in canada I guess.

  • Lindsay A. says:

    This dip looks so incredible – my mouth is watering! Definitely going to be a must try! 😀 Thanks!

  • Tarissa says:

    I love those corn dogs — now to try that onion dip!

  • Trisha McKee says:

    OH this is so unique and looks delicious. I can’t wait to try it.

  • DeeAnn says:

    I love caramelized onions but never thought of using them with corn dogs. Thanks for this recipe.

  • Sarah L says:

    I want that onion dip for my corn dogs. Yummy for my tummy.

  • kathy pease says:

    This looks so yummy and I will have to try out the recipe 🙂

  • Leela says:

    You just managed to make corn dogs even better 🙂

  • Stephanie Z says:

    I tried the link to the sweepstakes again and it is working now! Thanks for contacting the brand about that!

  • Stephanie Z says:

    I also think the Spicy Caramelized Onion Dip sounds good. It sounds like an interesting mix. I like that it has queso in it. Thanks for sharing that recipe as well!

  • Stephanie Z says:

    The State Fair Brand first ever Corn Dog Dip-Off Sweepstakes sounds really interesting, but when I click on your link it does not take me to the sweepstakes.

    • Stephanie Z says:

      Actually I tried again and found the sweepstakes. It is just really tiny in the corner of the page. Weird!

      • Thanks for bringing that to my attention, Stephanie! I’m getting that weird error message as well. I’ve contacted the brand to let them know and will get you an update shortly! Hang tight! 🙂

        • Stephanie Z says:

          Thanks! Definitely let us know what you find out! It sounds like a great sweepstakes. Thanks for sharing this post about it!

  • crystle tellerday says:

    this sounds really good I like corn dogs

  • Stephanie Z says:

    I also have to mention that the queso and bacon bits would be a big hit with my husband on these State Fair Corn Dogs.

  • Stephanie Z says:

    I know a lot of kids who would love to eat these corn dogs. These remind me of going to the fair!

  • Carol G says:

    Those corn dogs look so appetizing. The Spicy Caramelized Onion Dip you made would be a good dipper for many other foods too.

  • I love fairs – they have some of the best food! Thanks for this fun dip recipe. I think my mom would love these!


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