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Kitchen Tools: The Best of Summer

A chef is only as good as her knife. A baker is only as good as his oven. A mixologist is only as good as her cocktail shaker. Okay, those three statements are total lies. There’s a lot more than the tools of a trade that go into making an exceptional food professional. Passion, dedication, education, experience, unadulterated talent. Yes, it is a complex recipe of luck, talent, and experience that makes you the world’s best. But even the world’s best are mere mortals and they still have to use tools. And guess what? We can use those same tools! *Cue maniacal laugh* Mmmwahaha! So today I am going to show you some of the most extravagant and best kitchen tools that the professionals are using this summer.

Norlan Whisky Glass

Made from the crystal mined in the Unicorn Munros of the Scottish Highlands, these magical whisky glasses are what the professionals are using. Alright, so I made the whole unicorn part up, but these babies are so fantastical that I bet you didn’t think to fact check me, right?! The Norlan glass is a transparent double walled vessel, formed with glass blowing technique into two separate two-part molds: one for the inner wall, and one for the outer wall. The double-walled construction and unique curves have a trifold effect: they enhance the whisky’s color presentation; the protrusions inside the glass allows for unparalleled aeration of the liquid; overall shape allows for an enhanced aroma focus for optimal whisky enjoyment.

Norlan Whisky Glass 1024x640 - Kitchen Tools: The Best of Summer
Norlan Glass Photo by Mikkel Völcker

Isaiah Schroeder Knifeworks

Knives are probably the most basic tool in a chef’s arsenal. They are ancient items that have been used in probably every preparation of food since (literally) the dawn of man. They’re utilitarian, everyone has them, and they’re relatively unremarkable. Sure there are different grades of quality, but that all really comes down to how much you’re willing to spend on set of blades. What sets Isaiah Schroeder’s knives apart is their style. These beauties have serious swagger. Yes they’ll set you back a few pretty pennies, but man-oh-man are you going to be looking good cutting up that onion!

Isaiah Schroeder Knifeworks - Kitchen Tools: The Best of Summer Isaiah Schroeder Knifeworks  - Kitchen Tools: The Best of Summer


Lacanche Ranges

You know how some people have a bucket list of life experience they want to have before they die? Well I have a bucket list of kitchen appliances I want to own before I die. Oh and there is only one item on that list: Lacanche Ranges. These slices of culinary heaven are the stuff my dreams are made of. And best of all, these retro ranges come in colors perfect for summertime glory.

Orange Lacanche Range  - Kitchen Tools: The Best of Summer Mint Lacanche Range - Kitchen Tools: The Best of Summer Red Lacanche Range - Kitchen Tools: The Best of Summer

See, you don’t have to be an exceptional food professional to cook (or drink!) like one. Now that we have the list, there’s only one last hurdle to cross… we need to win the lottery. Hey, these babies are expensive. Anyone want to start a lottery pool with me?!



Sam Temsah-Deniskin

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  1. This is a nice post you sharing. Thank you for your good experience shared with us.Most important one is your story was dramatic.

  2. Great tools but that oven is just to die for! I love it.

    1. RIGHT?! I’m determined to get my grubby hands on one someday!

  3. These are all really cool looking. I wouldn’t complain about having any of these in my kitchen

  4. I love the whiskey glasses. I have never heard of such a thing but now will have to look into them. And I love that stove, but as you I will need to win the lottery before I can purchase. lol

    1. I know! Aren’t the whisky glasses divine?!

  5. Good knives are definitely KEY and make such a difference in the kitchen!

    1. Hear! Hear! Yes, and Isaiah Schroeder’s knives are oh-so-pretty too!

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