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Beer Hotel: BrewDog Brewery’s Doghouse

August 11, 2017
BrewDogs Brewery, Travel, Beer Hotel

In my early to mid-twenties, I moved away from my cozy home in Los Angeles to pursue higher education in Ohio. Columbus, Ohio to be exact. I knew absolutely nothing about the town I was moving to. All I knew was that it had a stellar school (OSU, baby!) and I was blessed with the opportunity to improve my education. That was it. I didn’t know that Columbus is one of the trendiest cities I would ever live in… and keep in mind, I grew up in Los Angeles and later lived in New York City for almost a decade. Columbus, Ohio is surprisingly avant garde. It has a rich art scene, a complex culinary atmosphere that put’s LA to shame, and a gorgeous cityscape filled with Victorian homes and cobblestone streets. It’s truly a fantastic place to visit! And soon the locale can add one more awesome accolade to it’s list – a Beer-themed hotel. Oh yes, Columbus’ BrewDog Brewery is opening up a hops-filled wonderland called the Doghouse.

BrewDogs Brewery, Travel, Beer Hotel

The Doghouse will be the world’s first craft beer hotel and sour brewery. The location’s features are the stuff that wheaty dreams are made of: Room views of the sour beer foeders; Craft beer minibars and a Punk IPA on tap in each room; Beer Spa treatments with bespoke hop oils; A restaurant specializing in beer and food pairings; An IPA hot tub; Craft beer themed meals throughout the day; and even en-suite shower beer fridges. Yeah, you heard me right. A beer fridge in your shower!  

BrewDogs Brewery, Travel, Beer HotelBrewDogs Brewery, Travel, Beer HotelBrewDogs Brewery, Travel, Beer Hotel

The best part, you can literally contribute to it’s construction. The hotel is being crowdfunded on Indiegogo, with some amazing support perks: brewery tours, free hotel stays, beer spa treatments, and even a custom designed sour beer. So what do you think, would you like to stay at the Doghouse beer hotel?


  1. yes, it looks awesome!! not a beer drinker I am a wine drinker but still, this looks great..a Disneyland for beer drinkers..

  2. OMG Sam…this looks amazing. I have never heard of a hotel like this before! My husband would love this one…especially the beer in the shower! Could be a bit dangerous though!
    Great to connect with you through FB Show your blog love group. Lorelle 🙂

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