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The Anatomy of a Pastry

I normally balk and roll my eyes when people celebrate made-up holidays. But when I heard that World Baking Day was coming up on May 17th, I thought that holiday festivities would certainly be appropriate. Celebrating the most delicious, flaky, buttery concoction to have ever been dreamt up? Sounds like a legitimate holiday to me. And who better than a world-renowned pastry chef to help us kick off the celebration, right?! The amazing confections at Jean Philippe Patisserie at ARIA are simply stunning. Layered with the finest ingredients, Jean Phillippe’s sweet inventions are a sight to see. Lucky for you, the chef is breaking down one of his most popular delicacies, the raspberry tart. He is giving away all his secrets, people! So, grab your roller and get ready to dust yourself with flour, it’s time to get baking… 

aria events anatomy of a pastry - The Anatomy of a Pastry

Pistachio pastry cream?! Shortbread crust?! Buttercream?! Raspberry Cremeux?! And oh, that gorgeously assembled piece of art at the end. He makes it look so easy, right? It’s almost too much to handle… almost. It’s settled, we either need to take a stab at this recipe or see if we can get a discounted group rate on a flight to Las Vegas. Sound like a plan, mes amis?

So you think you have the moxie to take on this divine baking project?! I think you do. I believe in you. Well, I certainly know how I will be celebrating World Baking Day. Special thanks to ARIA Resort & Casino and Jean Philippe Patisserie for divulging such a magnificent secret to us. Let me know below if you’re going to try it out and, if so, make sure to invite me over for a slice!

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    Neat textures and flavour add joy into eating, I love pastry

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