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Tee Time with Gran Reserva

p - Tee Time with Gran Reserva

Today, I’m going to teach you a bit about golf. It’s fashionable – the players wear business casual and fancy gloves. They use an arsenal of shiny weapons. Golfers have a subservient assistant that follows them around the field. They even place the balls on mini pedestals in a very civilized manner. Oh and the game’s commentators whisper like they’re at a library. Okay, okay. I know absolutely nothing about golf. These little, frivolous observations of mine are simply the result of many years of keeping my husband company as he watches the sport on a lazy Sunday. He’s not some grand golfer, but he certainly enjoys following along and participating in the crowd’s contained excitement. In essence, watching golf is a very relaxing past time in my household. So, I decided to run with the Sunday leisure by making our golf viewing a bit more official. And as in official, I mean wine. I’ve teamed up with Gran Reserva to take it all to the next level…

After years of watching my husband watching golf, it was time to get more involved. And if you know me at all or are an avid reader, then you know that getting more “involved” means turning up the whimsy. Golf ball shaped wine glasses?! I’m on it. A stainless steel golf caddy wine bottle holder?! Um, yes please. A golf ball BBQ set?! Get out of my head, Novelty Gift Shop! I gathered my (tastefully) kitschy golf accessories, a healthy plate of meat for the BBQ, and a few bottles of Gran Reserva wine. And let me tell you, with some appropriately crisp, light wine and a smokey drumstick, our golf viewing went from chill to immaculate relaxation. I highly recommend you follow in suit.

Gran Reserva, Wine, golfGran Reserva, Wine, golfGran Reserva, Wine, golfGran Reserva, Wine, golfGran Reserva, Wine, golfGran Reserva, Wine, golfGran Reserva, Wine, golfGran Reserva, Wine, golf

So what do you think? Am I missing anything? Well, make sure to shout out your suggestions below. But in the meantime, Concha y Toro Gran Reserva is giving all us aspiring golfers the chance to enjoy a $25 credit on a round of golf at major golf courses nationwide. All you have to do is find a specially marked bottle necker at your local liquor retailer. Oh yeah, and you can also enter their sweepstakes to win one year of free golf. Oh yeah, baby! Get all the details here and make sure to pick up a bottle of Gran Reserva for your viewing pleasure. Well, we’re all set here for a leisurely day of watching golf. Now if only I could figure out what the heck is going on. Question: does the golfer get extra points if they successfully thwart an alligator attack?

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