All Black KitchenAid Mixer - Spring Appliance Trends
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Spring Appliance Trends

All Black KitchenAid Mixer 1024x667 - Spring Appliance Trends

It happens every year. The Spring appliance you can’t avoid. It’s everywhere! In the window of every Williams-Sonoma. Popping up on your favorite Pinterest boards. It’s even already on the countertop of your trendy friend’s kitchen. How does she get those things so fast?! Well, if you want to be the one that is in the know before everyone else, then I have a few trends for you to look out for. Here are my four appliance and kitchen accessory picks that will be everywhere this Spring…

Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine:

This piece of retro magic isn’t even available yet, but you’ll be seeing it every where you turn this next season. The Smeg Espresso Coffee Machine features a 1950’s aesthetic, chrome and stainless steel detailing, and a plastic painted housing available in cream, black, pastel blue, and red. If you are a coffee lover, then get ready to drool because this baby can do everything: 1 or 2 cup button, a Cappuccino system, removable water tank, 15 bar pressure, flow stop function for customization, hot water dispenser, and descaling light indicator… just to name a few.

Smeg Espresso Coffee Maker - Spring Appliance Trends

Anthropologie’s Forged Flatware:

Anthropologie’s kitchen accessories are a staple for a food blogger’s styling session. Every year there is a particular decorative item that pops up in multiple Pinterest-worthy shots. Last year it was their rose and gold coup glasses. This year, I predict it is going to be their Gold Forged Flatware set. With a hefty price tag of $36 for a set of 5, these beauties will be well worth the investment. Ugh, I can’t stand how pretty they are!

Anthropologie Forged Flatware - Spring Appliance Trends

Black Tie Limited Edition Stand Mixer:

This is the coup-de-gras of 2017 Spring trends. An unlikely color palette for the season, KitchenAid’s Black Tie Stand Mixer is going to be literally everywhere. The brand’s first ever annual limited addition mixer, it is die cast in zinc, satin, and black chrome. Made in the USA and inspired by Egmont Arens’ 1937 redesign of the stand mixer, it should hold a coveted spot on your wishlist.

2017 black tie spcl blck jcksn hero 1024x363 - Spring Appliance Trends

Williams-Sonoma Raj Plates:

This is on my “Dinner Party” trend radar. Williams-Sonoma out-does themselves every year and never cease to dominate the plate game. This year, I guarantee you will attend at least one dinner party that features the Raj plates. If you find yourself in this situation, I suggest pushing the leafy greens aside and gaze on all the colorful glory. Or beat everyone to the punch and go purchase these for your own upcoming hosting event.

William Sonoma Raj Mixed Salad Plates - Spring Appliance Trends

There you have it! My Spring 2017 kitchen appliance and accessory trends. Anyone want to bet a steak dinner on any of these?


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