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Best January Recipes

Boozy Peach Lemonade 684x1024 - Best January Recipes

Boozy Peach Lemonade

With the close of January, it’s time for my monthly Pinterest round-up! For those of you not familiar with this series, I am (oddly enough) a pretty big in the Pinterest world. A few years ago, I received an email from a company I had never heard of… Pinterest. They were a start-up that was going to be launching a revolutionary website and they wanted to know if I would be a Beta-tester. Not one to turn down being on the forefront of revolution, I said “Hell yeah” and started my quick descent into pinning oblivion. By the time the website was officially open for public consumption, I was hooked. But what I didn’t know was that I was about to be launched into Pinterest fame and glory. The company suggested The Frosted Petticoat profile like crazy to new users and we quickly racked up followers. Now with 150,000+ loyal followers on the site, we are considered a top Pinner and I still serve on the company’s Beta-testing team. Unlimited secret boards? That was me and yes, you’re welcome.

Consequently, I receive tons of emails asking for my favorite pins. So instead of spending my days replying to (quite lovely) emails, I have decided to just round-up my favorite recipe pins of the month from the best chefs and food bloggers. Then I share them with you here and give you all the proper references to try the recipes out yourself. Sound good? Great! Without further ado…

Lemon Poppy Seed Old Fashioned Donuts 683x1024 - Best January Recipes

Lemon Poppy Seed Old Fashioned Donut

by Now, Forager

Sweet Potato Crostini with cheese pear and thyme - Best January Recipes

Sweet Potato Crostini with Cheese, Pear, & Thyme

by Tuulia

Toasted Coconut Mochas - Best January Recipes

Toasted Coconut Mocha

by Chocolate Moosey

Milk and Cookies Cake 682x1024 - Best January Recipes

Milk & Cookies Cake

by Style Sweet CA

Boozy Peach Lemonade 684x1024 - Best January Recipes

Boozy Peach Lemonade

by Style Me Pretty

Any requests for the sort of other recipes you want to see up here? Send me a message, I promise I’ll read it!

Sam Temsah-Deniskin

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the whimsical life of accidental photographer, stylist, & writer, Sam. Her approachable and fun style has received critical acclaim from such media outlets as The Huffington Post, Real Simple Magazine, PopSugar, and Buzzfeed. In addition to running a successful photography & content creation business, Sam also serves as a contributing writer for and Scary Mommy.

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