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Top Foodie Gifts of 2016

Being a successful food blogger during the holiday season is a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, I am one of the first to know about new food products out on the market and thus can offer up some pretty unique gift ideas. On the other hand, everyone and their mothers (literally) expects that if they receive a present from me, its going to be an amazing, brand-spanking-new kitchen appliance. Don’t deny it, friends and family! I have seen the disappointed smile when you unwrap the box of bubble bath I thoughtfully purchased for you. Or the faked “oh yay, a tin of sugar cookies” comment as I hand over the goods at the holiday party. Hey, between running my business, raising a 1 year old, and having not slept a full night’s sleep in over 2 years… cut me some slack! So, I have now come up with an ingenious solution. I gift my favorite cookbooks. That way, I am forgiven for not baking up some elaborate dessert for every party or gifting the most sought-after kitchen appliance of the season. Also, the gift receiver acts as if I am imparting some sacred knowledge to them, with the handing over of this secret weapon from my food arsenal. 

From cookbooks that are fresh off the presses to the tried-and-true, I like to pick them based off of the personalities of the gift-receivers. But there are four books that I tend to gift over and over again. What I call, the “classics”. And that, my friends, is what I have listed below. These are sure to be hit presents, regardless of their publication dates. In fact, none of these are new books but they should all be in your collection all the same. Let’s check some names off that shopping list, shall we?

The Gluten-Free Pal

We’ve all got one, so get them this: Gluten Free Baking by Michael McCamley. Gorgeous photography, easy to follow recipes, and delicious results. What else could a wheat-deprived baker want?!

Top Foodie Gifts of 2016Top Foodie Gifts of 2016

The Whimsical Fairy

If you’re on this website, then this is actually a cookbook you’re going to want to buy for yourself. Buy The Vintage Tea Party Year and then just put it under the tree for yourself. Probably my all time favorite recipe book, author and magical unicorn Angel Adoree offers up everything from scrumptious dessert recipes, sexy cocktails, party decor tips, and even retro hair-do tutorials. I KNOW! It literally is the most delightful group of pages to have ever been bound and sold as a book. Get it. 

Top Foodie Gifts of 2016Top Foodie Gifts of 2016

The Holy Grail

Mastering the Art of French Cooking by Julia Child and Simone Beck is the holy grail of all cookbooks. Every, and I mean every, foodie and chef I know started their career with this piece of sacred text. Covering every level of skill set and recipe, both novice and professional can learn a thing or two from it. Give this gem to the young, aspiring chef in your life. And you’re welcome.

Top Foodie Gifts of 2016Top Foodie Gifts of 2016

The Fine Diner

We all have a name on our holiday gift list that we dread buying for. This is the person that has everything, wants for not, and to put it mildly has very discerning taste. They are the person who will undoubtedly be standing in the ‘Returns’ aisle on December 26th with your thoughtful Christmas gift in tow. So get them a slice of decadent heaven: The Laduree Savory Recipes book. Beautiful packaging, a velvet cover, and the most devilishly rich recipes you could imagine. 

Top Foodie Gifts of 2016Top Foodie Gifts of 2016Top Foodie Gifts of 2016

There they are, my classic cookbook list. Cherish it, nurture it, cook it! 


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