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How to Throw a Wine Tasting Party


Special thanks to Coravin for sponsoring this post!

We have all been there. The last party guest has just left the house and you finally have a chance to quickly clean up before you knock out for the night. As you walk through the living room picking up used napkins, dirty appetizer plates, and empty glasses, you come across the dreaded half-drunk bottle of wine. You sigh and silently pray that it is the only one. But then you go into the kitchen. Your prayers were for naught. Not only are there 3 half-empty wine bottles on the counter, there are also a few that were mysteriously uncorked and never even served. You curse the cork Gods! What in the world are you going to do with 8 partially-consumed, spoiling-as-we-speak, wine bottles?! Throw another party tomorrow night, but hide all the corkscrews?! Nope, you messily re-cork what you can in the hopes of salvaging the valuable liquid. Then you store the bottles away for the inevitable day when you finally give in and sadly pour all the leftover contents down the sink. Lucky for you, I have teamed up with a new company that has come up with a solution to this wasteful scenario… the Coravin Model One Wine System. Sounds fancy, huh?!

This little piece of awesome technology is not only fancy, it’s magical! It allows you to pour a glass of wine without ever removing the cork from the bottle. Wait, what?! Oh, yes. You heard me right. It works by harnessing the whimsical power of unicorn hair, fairy dust, and dragon tears. Alright, it has a more real-world mechanism, but a girl can dream can’t she?!  Here’s how you would actually use the Coravin Model One Wine System:


First, make sure a Premium Coravin Capsule is installed. Interestingly, the capsule contains more than 99.99% of pure argon gas, which protects the remaining bottled wine from oxidation. Then you secure the easy-to-squeeze clamp on the bottleneck.

how-to-throw-a-wine-tasting-party-featuring-the-coravin-model-one-wine-system how-to-throw-a-wine-tasting-party-featuring-the-coravin-model-one-wine-system-step-2

Next, access the corked bottle of wine by pushing the Coravin Wine Needle through the sealed top. This is ridiculously easy and takes minimal effort.


Then you place the bottle at a 45 degree angle (just like pouring a glass of wine). You press the trigger to pressurize and release it to start pouring.


And voila! You simply take out the needle by pulling the Coravin System straight up. The cork will naturally reseal itself and the remaining wine stays protected.


Repeat the above steps to sample other bottles. And that’s it! But I’m still pretty sure there’s rainbows and centaurs hidden in one of those steps somewhere. Regardless of the magic, now you can simply sip and enjoy!

how-to-throw-a-wine-tasting-party-featuring-the-coravin-model-one-wine-system how-to-throw-a-wine-tasting-party-featuring-the-coravin-model-one-wine-system how-to-throw-a-wine-tasting-party-featuring-the-coravin-model-one-wine-system

So that is how you throw a wine tasting party without opening a single bottle of wine. Economical, practical, and majorly cool. Learn more about the Coravin Model One Wine System here. For my step-by-step video tutorial, check out my Instagram post here.


You can also pick one up at Bed Bath & Beyond, Bloomingdales, Sur La Table, Neiman Marcus, Amazon, or Total Wine. Seriously, stop screwing around and get your hands on a piece of this gadgety witchcraft!

This post was sponsored by Coravin. All opinions are my own.

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